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Increasing Popularity Of Personal Vaporizers

Personal Vaporizers

First there was the e-cigarette, designed to help people quit their smoking habit by gradually reducing their nicotine cravings. But technology has taken this to a whole new level with personal vaporizers. The objective may be the same, however the function and availability has far surpassed the e-cigarette era. Vapes (the slang term for personal vaporizers) have evolved into something more than just a simple e-cigarette. Read More

E Cigarettes And Vaporizers Help People Quit Smoking


GAUTIER, Mississippi — Tobacco use kills people every year. According to estimates from the Center for Disease Control, more than 5 million people currently die as a result of using tobacco each year. If current trends continue, this is expected to rise to 8 million per year by 2030. Read More

Desktop Or Portable Vaporizers?

Our Top Rated Portable and Desktop Vaporizer for 2014

If you are on the prowl for the perfect gift and the person that you are shopping for loves the herb, a new vape could be just the thing. Vaporizers vary and what can be good for one might not be the bet fit for another. With two major types on the market, you’ll have to choose between a Desktop and a Portable model. Here are my favorites along with others that are highly rated with some tips about selecting the best choice for the special someone in your life. Read More

Popular Vaporizers Face Difficult Challenges In California

Vaping Not Smoking

Over the past ten years, the use of electronic cigarettes (aka: e cigs, electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers) has steadily grown in popularity in spite of staunch opposition from the multi-billion dollar tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. Regardless of attempts to discredit electronic cigarettes, in the final analysis, consumers have for the most part been able to judge for themselves and have determined that a device that contains only four non-carcinogenic ingredients, allows consumer control of nicotine and costs less than either tobacco cigarettes or pharmaceutical smoking cessation products is probably a smarter choice than either tobacco products or pharmaceutical alternatives. For this reason, across the nation and especially in California, the popularity of e cigs continues undaunted. Read More