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What Is In A Vapor Cigarette

What is a Vapor Cigarette?

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Vapor cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes were originally touted as a way to stop smoking tobacco with all of the harmful tars and smoke that cigarettes emit being seen as extremely harmful.

Cigarette tobacco has been scientifically proven to have well over 200 carcinogenic, or cancer causing chemicals contained in it, so having an alternative seemed like a good idea. If you have ever seen the representation of a pair of lungs of a person who has smoked tobacco for any period of time, you will understand how the lungs are affected by tobacco smoke.

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Vaporfi Pen Style Pro Review

The Vaporfi Pen Style E Cigarette: The PRO REVIEW

If you are looking for a step up in quality and are ready for the next level of vaping you have come to the right place. The Pro pen style e cigarette is the result of the culmination of studies done on e cigs. They found the flaws in the previous models and have now made the Pro stand above the rest. You have many different color choices, and control options. Read More

E Cigarettes And Vaporizers Help People Quit Smoking


GAUTIER, Mississippi — Tobacco use kills people every year. According to estimates from the Center for Disease Control, more than 5 million people currently die as a result of using tobacco each year. If current trends continue, this is expected to rise to 8 million per year by 2030. Read More

777 E Cigs Magnum Review



The newest version of the 777 e cigs is a pen style vaporizer I have had a lot of these pen style e cigs sent through to be reviewed in the last couple years. So far I have seen some pretty poor designs and flawed products that being said this new 777 Magnum is completely different. I have been sampling this vaporizer for a solid week now and couldn’t find anything that would make me put it into the junk category. Read More