7 Vape Pairings You Need to Try Today

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Vaping is a method with a variety of different flavors at your disposal. Exploring them is a necessity if you aim at achieving the best flavor mix or pairing. Vape pairing is a favorite for many individuals out there, and experts are coming up with some fantastic pairings.

These are as a result of the massive and innumerable flavor pairing possibilities that one can come up with at the end of the day. The surprise is that some of these pairings are still to gain the appreciation they deserve. They not only make your morning the best in your life but also soar your afternoons and evenings a notch higher. They also give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself.

Here are some of the vape pairing that you should try. Remember, many vape juices contain nicotine thus, exercise caution when taking them.

  1. Cali Colada with a Burgundy or Chardonnay Wine of your choice 

The Cali Colada e-liquid belongs to e-Liquid state Vapors, and it comes with an explosion of tropical flavors. After the day’s work, it is essential to retain your coolness with a refreshing drink during the afternoon. If enjoying yourself on the beach, you might consider taking this vape juice along with a bottle of your favorite crispy and slightly acidic Wine.

Its sweetness overrides the acidity and crispy taste of the wine while bringing your taste buds out of their hiding place. You can feel the overpowering feeling that comes with pineapple flavors but at the same time, feel refreshed by the hints of mango and guava in the vape juice.

All you have to do is understand what you want at the end of the day. With that, you can enjoy a fantastic vape juice with a glass of wine and watch the sun go down at the comfort of your front porch. Also, a Sauvignon blanc would do justice to this form of pairing. Try it, and you will feel it.

  1. Takeoffs peppermint and vanilla vape juice with smoked cheeseburger sliders

Vaping at Dinner

Ever had a milkshake with a burger at your favorite joint? Isn’t it always a combination that makes your mouth water and remembers the good old days? The milkshake burger combination is what this specific combination aims at bringing to your table.

It brings a balance in the mint flavor, especially with the rich and creamy vanilla vape flavor notes they leave behind. When enjoying that slide with its fatty layers, the minty flavor in the vape works to enhance your taste and appreciation. The combination is refreshing and a new pairing that you should go on and add to your list of things to try today.

Besides, you can select your toppings on the cheeseburger sliders and experiment with the same with the vape juice. You never know you might develop a new pairing with a fresh topping that will drive others to try it.

  1. Stunna Cash Money 100ml Vape Juice with Bourbon 

The e-liquid comes with a vibrant mix of different flavors; vanilla custard and vanilla cheesecake (sweet). The sweetness works well with aged bourbon on any evening after a long day working. The spicy rye flavor in the bourbon awakens your senses, and while the sweetness soothes it.

In combination, your taste buds are often in confusion, which adds to the mystery of this specific pairing. You can now ease in the evening while relaxing at your back porch as you watch the sunset. The mix lifts any stress you might have and eases you into a relaxing mode for the night.

  1. Lemon with lime flavor vape juice with chicken Korma

Chicken Flavor

The traditional dish is one that comes with spicy flavors that include a hint of ginger, chilies, turmeric, and garlic. Pairing it with lemon and lime vape juice, which contrasts in taste, is advisable as it complements the spicy taste making it a fresh and brighter flavor. Also, the vape juice complements the sourness resulting from the additional fruity ingredients such as plums to the chicken dish.

The pair is not only exotic but one that you should seek out and try. Ensure you prepare for the taste and flavors that will be exploding in your mouth as you enjoy your lunch or dinner in style.

  1. Bald eagle vape juice with coffee 

Coffee Flavor

If you feel like activating your morning with a cup of coffee, it is always good to accompany it with bald eagle vape juice by vaping birdy. The vape juice comes with coffee, toffee, and chocolate flavors, which make it perfect for your morning routine. If you prefer chocolate or cocoa in the morning, the vape juice also complements the taste. Just fill in the cartridge with the flavor of your choice in a flyte pen and vape easily.

What you pair with it is a matter of preference, and you end up feeling refreshed and highly rejuvenated and can tackle the rest of the day. The sweetness in the chocolate or toffee counteracts the bitterness in the coffee complementing each other.

  1. Hard candy vape juice with hot tea 

Sweets always come in handy when taking a cup of hot tea. Hard candy is a vape juice for individuals who desire a sugary substance when having their drink. The vape juice by Buckshot Vapors brings an explosion of sweet tarts and actual candy whenever you take it. It is hard to separate the real candy from this specific candy explosion of vape juice.

In combination with hot tea, the sweetness dissipates a little, but it still lingers for a while. If you like taking sweets when free and relaxing for the rest of the day, it is advisable to try this pair.

  1. Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade 120ml Vape Juice with Long Island Tea 

If looking forward to a long night ahead and are not in the mood for different beer bottles, then a long island tea cocktail is the solution for you. Pair with lemonade vape juice and your night goes a notch higher. In combination, the flavors and tastes complement and supplement each other becoming one perfect flavor in your mouth. If you’re looking to buy vaping products to combine it with your favorite pairing, online dispensary canada can be a good source.


The pairing comes with a variety of options for anyone. If you desire a pair that is sweet and sour, there are pairing options for you. Also, for those who want fruity with a punch of sourness. However, it is essential to try out the different pairing above, and you can even combine them with other varieties according to your preference. Most people prefer vaping CBD oil, find CBD Near Me (Flexible) from a trustable source.

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