V2 Cigs Vapor2 Trinity Review

Vapor2 TRINITY Vaporizer - Sub-Ohm Mini Box Mod TC RTA

Originally, I bought a vaporizer thinking it would help wean me off smoking altogether, but it ended up doing the opposite. Towards the end, when I was smoking cigarettes, it felt more like a chore. There was really no more enjoyment in it (though when did I ever enjoy it), and I had tried quitting cold turkey so many times before, but all it would take was one major incident to stress me out, and I was back at the store for another pack. I was going to transition to e-cigarettes, but after a few people ending up on the news after their e-cigarettes blew up in their faces, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. I mean regular cigarettes are bad, but I never ended up in the hospital because of one. I’m not big on medications either, so I wouldn’t even consider the patch. So, I just put it in my mind that I was going to space out my cigarette breaks until eventually I didn’t feel the urge to smoke anymore, however long that would be.

Recently, as I walking to the store, I passed by this woman sitting on the curb, puffing on this little thingamabob that didn’t look anything like a cigarette, just surrounded by this big cloud of smoke. I didn’t think much of it the first time, but when I passed her a second time on my way home, I asked her what it was. She told me it was a vaporizer. I immediately thought Vick’s Vapor Rub. I had never heard of a vaporizer. I had also never noticed the smoke shop from behind that she was sitting in front of. I must’ve passed that place dozens of times. I was in a rush to get home, so I didn’t go in, but later that night, I did look up vaporizers. I didn’t know what I was looking for, so I went for one that wasn’t too expensive, but not too cheap either.

I went with the V2 Cigs  Vapor2 Trinity because it comes with two atomizers, the part that turns liquid into vapor. One is for PG e-liquids and the other is for VG blends. I’m still learning the ins and outs of this nifty little mechanism, but supposedly having two atomizers means I can try out more “juices”, which is great, because I don’t think I’m going to stop smoking anytime soon. I don’t even think I can call this smoking. There’s no smoke, just clouds! Man, does this little thing give out clouds! Thick, white, fragrant clouds. For even bigger ones, you can purchase a .5 ohm coil. I bought the V2 Platinum Menthol E-Liquid along with it because I figured that would be the closest to the menthol cigarettes I used to buy, and it’s a totally different experience. There’s no smoke, no stains on your teeth and fingers or that nasty smell that lingers on your clothes. I still go in another room away from the kids, just to be safe, but it’s more out of habit. Seriously though, have you ever heard of a Milk and Honey flavored cigarette? Yeah, me neither.

V2 Cigs Vapor2 Trinity

Blue Vapor2 Trinity

Setup was easy; besides the e-liquid, everything I need to get started was already included. The first time I held it in my hand (it fits right in the palm of your hand or pocket), I thought maybe, just maybe, I was on over my head. I mean, it looks like a vaporizer someone more experienced would purchase, but with the help of the manual, I’ve been able to figure it out. The tank fills up from the top, so if your hands are a little shaky, you can just set it down on a table and refill it. E-liquid holes at the bottom of the tank can be closed when refilling or not in use. The tank holds 2ml of e-liquid and lasts me all day. One bottle of menthol e-liquid is 25ml, so that’s about 12 days worth, but it’s not like I was a chain-smoker to begin with, so it could last me even longer. What I like the most about vaping in general is that I’m able to control how much nicotine I use. There’s varying degrees of strength depending on the e-liquid, and since I started using the Trinity, I’ve eased up and started taking more “smoke” breaks throughout the day, so I use an e-liquid with a low range of nicotine.

Black Vapor2 Trinity

The V2 Trinity also has a rubber coating, which means I’ll drop it less. The screen is on the front, so I can always check my battery status. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to wait until it’s done charging before using. It doesn’t take long to charge, but it would be ideal to be able to use it as it’s charging, so it’s at full capacity when you go out. You know, like how you do with your phone sometimes so it’s still at 100% before you leave home? On the plus side, it turns off automatically after 30 minutes of not being used. The longest I’ve used my vaporizer at once was about an hour, and it’s still had plenty of battery life left. The two buttons at the top are for adjusting the wattage and temperature, positioned perfectly to do this while you’re still vaping. There’s also a temperature control mode, so if you haven’t realized yet that you forgot to add more e-liquid, instead of getting a dry hit that burns your throat, you’ll just end up with less vapor. Temperature control mode also helps preserve your coils and wicks longer, thus saving you money in the long run. In addition, the Trinity comes with short-circuit protection, voltage protection, overheating protection, over-current protection and overtime vapor protection.

Vapor2 trinity Coils

Overall, from a newbie’s perspective, the V2 Cigs Vapor2 Trinity has been a worthwhile purchase. It was simple enough for me to understand and get working on my own, but it has some of the more advanced perks and safety features that’ll make it something I keep around for a long time. Hasn’t blown up on me yet! I guess another con would be the limited color options, but it’s not like I bought it just to stare at it. I chose the blue one—it’s easier to find in my purse.

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2 Responses to V2 Cigs Vapor2 Trinity Review

  1. Cem Ozturk says:

    Great review on the v2 vapor cigerattes.

    To be honest, I at first thought that this was simply another tech gimic and failed to see how this could actually help someone quit smoking (you are still doing the same habit at the end of the day)

    But you can control your nicotine levels? that is quite good! It looks like this is the way to help quite smoking.

    Which flavour would you recommend?

    • Ivan says:

      Thanks Cem,

      You are right it is replacing a habit with a habit but a less damaging one for sure. It makes it easier to quit all together too by slowly getting less nicotine in your purchases over a time that you would feel comfortable with.

      A lot of people start off with tobacco flavors since it helps mimic the real thing more. Then I recommend trying a few of different flavors that sound good to you if you rather not continue with tobacco flavors.

      I personally can’t stand the tobacco flavors anymore and prefer strawberry and blueberry flavors mostly but everyone has different taste buds.

      Once I found flavors I could enjoy it made it easy for me to switch out the cigarettes to vaping completely.

      Good luck!

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