Why You Should Not Smoke Resin

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Everyone has had a friend or been in the moment where there wasn’t any dry herb cannabis to smoke. They call around and check for dispensaries but it’s too late. So, you look into your pipe and try to smoke the residue. It may get you high for a short amount of time but how good is it for you? The short answer is not very.

Cannabis Resin

What is in Resin?

Resin is pretty much the leftover gunk and unwanted accumulation from smoking your dry herbs. As you heat up your herbs, they begin to break down. Different herbs will create a different amount of resin, but cannabis holds a lot of oil inside of it. This is where concentrates come from. The mixture of the oil along with the tar and carbons from the smoke creates cannabis resin.

Resin is very obvious to notice. It is a black gum and tar. It is mixed with ash and carcinogenic carbons. Resin is pretty thick, and it builds up over time. It is best to clean your glass pipe so your airpath does not get blocked and clogged.

Leftover Marijuana Residue

Marijuana residue is pretty much what’s leftover after your dry solid flower turns into ash. Your new pipe will be clean, but most glass hand pipes tend to change color as you smoke. The more you smoke, the more the color changes. The color-changing has to do with the smoke from cannabis being thicker.

As more resin starts building up, you will be getting less smoke going through the chamber which means you will be wasting more weed and less THC is absorbed. Although it’s not easy to just smoke the residue unless you actually try, you should definitely not try smoking it.

Smoking Marijuana Pipe

Does it Contain THC?

Yes, resin does contain THC. This is why it is able to get you high. However, the amount of potency in your residue is far less. This is why the high is a bit different from cannabis flowers to the leftover gunk. The amount you will really be getting is not a high ratio compared to the smoke. This means you will be getting more smoke and carcinogens than you will be getting THC and effects.

Why You Should Not Smoke Resin?

Considering resin from cannabis does not taste or look good, this is the first hint of why you shouldn’t smoke it. Just because many people do it, it doesn’t mean you should be doing it. When you have high heat from smoking, you can release Benzene into the smoke. This can be very carcinogenic and cause other illnesses or symptoms like dizziness, fast heart rate, really bad headaches, anxiety, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.


Here are some of the effects of smoking resin and why you should stay away from it. Here are some of the dangers that can come from marijuana.

Different High

Resin is not only bad because of its taste but it doesn’t even give you the same effects as vaping herbal marijuana. Marijuana gives you a higher euphoric effect that lasts much longer. The high from smoking residue is super short. While it doesn’t last around too long but worst of all; it makes you lethargic and very sleepy. It is almost a short-lived buzz. If you take a few hits, you will notice you’re getting lightheadedness and possible asphyxiation. This can lead to inhaling excess carbon monoxide.

Vaping Herbal Marijuana

Irritation in Your Throat

Burning ash is not good for you. Considering resin smoke is much thicker because of everything mixed with it, you can tell why it will irritate your throat. The smoke color is a dark grey almost yellow color.


Since you’re burning up carbon, you will be getting a headache by smoking this. The high will quickly go away and you will feel a migraine coming on. It usually affects the top or back of your head. These migraines are usually signs of what can happen. For example, you can possibly get epilepsy or dementia from inhaling carbon monoxide.

Marijuana bong

Cleaning Your Bongs and Pipes

Cleaning your pipe is the best way to avoid applying heat to resin and inhaling the smoke. Making sure you clean your pipe is very important and there are two ways to do it.

DIY Homemade Ingredient:

Many people prefer this method because you will have these recipes at home. Start by filling glass bong with hot water. If you have a small hand pipe, put it in a Ziplock bag. After you rinse it out with hot water, pour in isopropyl alcohol. This will tear up all the residue. Mix it with salt as the salt eats away all the residue. Let the salt and rubbing alcohol soak in for an hour. Rinse it out with hot water. Make sure you rinse it out well because there can be leftover grains of salt.

Using Cleaning Formulas

Cleaning formulas are the best way to go about cleaning your pipes. All you need to do is pour it in your pipe and shake it around. This will clean it all up within a couple of minutes of swishing it around.

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