Top 4 Vaporizer Reviews

If you are looking for a top quality brand vaporizer we are here to recommend to you 4 of our best picks. These vaporizers all are of good quality but vary in their functions and options that we will explain to you in each review. Happy Vaping!

  • Triple 777 E Cigs

    Triple 777 E Cigs

  • Pax Vaporizer Review

    Pax Vaporizer Review

777 E Cigs Magnum Review

777 E Cigs Magnum Review

Read about the 777 Magnum in this review. 777 E Cigs makes some real quality vaporizers. We feel they are priced very well considering it's functionality and reliability.
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Ploom Pax Vaporizer Review

Ploom Pax Vaporizer Review

The Pax portable vaporizer by the manufacturer of Ploom has hit the scenes with raving reviews. If your looking for a sleek design in a quality portable vaporizer look no further than the Pax.
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The Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano has been around for a long time. Many of their customers swear never to buy another brand. The price is a hefty one so is it really worth it? Read this Volcano Vaporizer review to find out the details...
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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Looking for a great, affordable, and portable kind of vaporizer? Your in luck with the nifty little Magic Flight Launch Box that fits in the palm of your hand! Vaping your favorite herbs or waxes is as easy as could be.
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VaporZone Jet Vaporizer Review

Vapor Zone JET Vaporizer:

Jet Vaporizer

This vaporizer is set apart from the rest because of its sleek design, its display features and its capacity to produce great vapor! Not only is it attractive, but it works wonderfully as well!

The Jet Vape Pen:

The Jet offers additional power and options such as a digital screen and battery meter on the vaporizer, and is a great middle-ground kind of vaporizer, that comes in a starter kit with a wide variety of accessories. This is a great kit if you want more upgrades than the Pro, but aren’t ready for the Pulse or Rebel. It is a great vaporizer for most!

How do you operate the Jet?

Screw cartomizer to battery once you have loaded the cartomizer. To fill cartomizer, you simply remove mouthpiece and fill the appropriate spot to the line and re-screw the mouthpiece back on.

It’s named the Clearomizer Tank, this cartomizer is very easy to fill as described above, does not leak, and is convenient and simple to use.

Jet Clearomizer Jet vaporizer battery

Every time you push the power button, the LCD display screen will show the amount of puffing that has occurred. When it is time to charge the battery, the puff counter will reset itself. The 650 mAh JET battery possess a digital screen to display the battery percentage which indicates how much has been used and how much battery life you have left, therefore indicating when you will need to recharge this bad boy! At 85mm it is not too small or too large!

Unique battery saving feature:

The battery power button can be held down for approximately ten seconds, in which case you will see it flash eight times and then it will go into standby mode. When you want to use again, simply press the button and it will be ready for you! This is a great energy saving component! The battery comes with a digital screen that gives an accurate battery percentage and a puff counter display. This is a very informative part to the JET!

Just to note: The cartomizer and batteries for the JET are not interchangeable with other products. This is good because you know it is specific just to this product. It does make it a little harder if you have many of the different vaporizers and E-cigs. It does seem that they have made a real product that is strong and worth your time!


What does this fantastic Vaporizer include?

  • 1 650 mAh Battery
  • 1Cartomizer Tank capacity is 1.3 ml
  • 3 Atomizer Heads with a resistance of 2.4+ -0.2 ohm
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Wall Charging Adapter
  • 1 Mouthpiece Cap
  • 1 Manual

VaporZone Jet Kit

There is a 30 day manufacturers guarantee which applies to any manufacturing defects. What a nice component! I feel comfortable investing in a product that gives me a guarantee that if it breaks, I can ship it back within due time of purchase.

Your fantastic E-liquids are sold separately. Visit their website today to see the numerous flavors as well as mix-n-match your own offered.