Top 4 Vaporizer Reviews

If you are looking for a top quality brand vaporizer we are here to recommend to you 4 of our best picks. These vaporizers all are of good quality but vary in their functions and options that we will explain to you in each review. Happy Vaping!

  • Triple 777 E Cigs

    Triple 777 E Cigs

  • Pax Vaporizer Review

    Pax Vaporizer Review

The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Read about the Herbalizer vaporizer in this review. Made by 2 Nasa Engineers it's no wonder this thing looks like a UFO and works completely out of this world. It's a hefty price but if you want the best vaporizer for your hard earned money you will appreciate this stunning device.
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Ploom Pax Vaporizer Review

Ploom Pax Vaporizer Review

The Pax portable vaporizer by the manufacturer of Ploom has hit the scenes with raving reviews. If your looking for a sleek design in a quality portable vaporizer look no further than the Pax.
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The Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano has been around for a long time. Many of their customers swear never to buy another brand. The price is a hefty one so is it really worth it? Read this Volcano Vaporizer review to find out the details...
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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Looking for a great, affordable, and portable kind of vaporizer? Your in luck with the nifty little Magic Flight Launch Box that fits in the palm of your hand! Vaping your favorite herbs or waxes is as easy as could be.
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Snoop Dogg G Pen And Micro G Vaporizer Review

Depending on what you are looking for in your next vaporizer, you might want to consider the new Snoop Dogg Micro G Vaporizer. It combines both; stealth and style into one portable and affordable package. Snoop Dogg’s newest vaporizer line features two different offerings. One is called, “G Pen Herbal.” Whereas, the other one is called, “Micro G Herbal.” The main difference between the two are the sizes. The micro pen comes in a small form factor that offers more portability and stealth than the regular “G Pen Herbal” counterpart.

The question is, does Snoop Dogg’s latest offering live up to the hype? Below we will discuss a full detailed review of both of these vaporizer options and we will determine whether or not they are worthy of a purchase.

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Atmos Raw Review

The Atmos RAW Reviewed:

Atmos Raw Vaporizer review

In the beginning, Atmos mailed this to clients and it contained herbs and worked like an electric pipe. When they received many bad reviews they decided to offer a screen made of glass to prevent the combustion from occurring. My buddy tried this screen. He was not pleased with the results.  Basically, the idea that I am working to say is that it is not true vaporization. You have the option to add another screen, which will avoid combustion all together, but in turn you will not receive any vapor.  Where is the sense in that? Read More

Vapir N02 Review

Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer:

vapir n02 review

This awesome handheld vaporizer is portable and can fit in your hand.  It is new on the market and known for how easy it is to use and its quick heat up time. One complaint that comes with this vaporizer is that it has a small compartment for the product. If you put 3/4th ‘s of product in the chamber, then it can supply a nice vape session for one person. It is very easy to fill the chamber to continue your vaping experience! If you want to vape in a group, that is fine also, with this great vaporizer for it comes with a little cleaning brush that can help when its time to do load it again! Read More

Zephyr Ion Review

The Amazing Zephyr Ion Vaporizer:

zephyr ion

To start with, this amazing vaporizer keeps the air separate from the coils that heat up the product, so what you get is clean, pure vapor! This vaporizer is priced at a high rate, but when you compare it to others that carry similar components it ranks way up there! The quality of the materials that are used in the production of this machine are outstanding! The vapor is strong and clear as I started out saying…. Read More

Top 3 Portable Vaporizers

Let’s compare the 3 most Xtreme Portable Vaporizers:

There has been a lot of hype around this new vaporizer and we would like to compare it to the other talked about vaporizers out there right now! First we will take a good look at the vaporizer the Haze. Read More

Arizer Solo Review

Arizer SOLO Vaporizer Review:

Arizer Solo

This amazing portable vaporizer comes complete with the capacity of heat controlling options! You have the choice to choose between 7 different temperature options when you are consuming dry herb products.  This fantastic Canadian vaporizer is promoted for its glass components that are placed directly on more glass also known as glass on glass operation. Read More