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How Do Vaporizers Work?

So Exactly How Do Vaporizers Work?

First let us start with the definition of what is a vaporizer? A vaporizer is a piece of equipment that can be utilized to create a vapor of herbal or concentrates type products that can be inhaled. What does this mean? We are heating up the product without using fire to burn the product. The vaporizer will run air through the product to extract the vaporized substance that you can inhale. There are many models out on the market today, which will be discussed in this article, but do note that you have the convection style vaporizers and the ones that operate on conduction. So with the push of a button, a flip of a switch, a turn of a knob you will be vaping in no time. Read More

Deadline Missed for FDA E Cigarette Regulations!

The Un-Reliable FDA E Cigarette Regulators

The Food and Drug Administration has let us know that it is not going to meet its own proposed deadline to address the proposed regulations regarding tobacco. They also missed their deadline to discuss a consumer friendly list of potential hazardous ingredients found in E Cigarettes. As it goes though, they are not held responsible nor are they given any sort of penalty for missing a deadline! Read More

New Regulations On E Cigarettes?

For the first time in history, this past Thursday, The FDA proposed the regulation of e-cigarettes.

This would give the FDA power to watch over the vaping world much like the manner in which they regulate cigarettes, cigarette tobacco and tobacco products. There is very little wrong with that as long as small companies can continue to do what they do. Read More

Current News Regarding E Cigarettes

Last week in the Heath Day News, it was discussed as to whether or not E-cigarettes are harmful. This is all over the news these days. Let us see if we can provide you with helpful information for the issue at hand.

New research mentions that there are little particles that remain in the lungs after vaping that could potentially be harmful. Read More

E-Cigarettes or Vaporizers: A Good Idea or Not?

In recent times it has become apparent that smoking is not good for a person’s health. So when the electronic cigarette showed up, many became pleased due to the fact that they had an alternative to traditional smoking. Well, in even more recent times, we are now hearing that electronic cigarettes may be hazardous to our health. It seems that those who have a reputation to protect around this issue, are concerned about the long term effects of electronic cigarettes and what they might do to a person. Read More