Vaporizers Explained


Vaporizers: What you need to know!

So we all know that smoking cigarettes is bad for us. This is a statement that really can’t be argued. It has been proven and continues to remain true that smoking is hazardous for your health. It is known to kill half of the people who smoke. Let us not forget to mention that it stinks and creates horrible breath and is not excepted by the general public anymore. Remember those days when it was classy? Only the elite were smokers. Not anymore …. What if there was a different way to consume the tobacco without the smoke or the side effects. We have a solution! Vaporizers!!

What exactly is a Vaporizer?

These awesome machines have been around in many different make ups since the 1960’s, but most of them during that time were not movable. They were stationary and not mobile devices. The Chinese pharmacist Han Lik is known as one of the main creators of the Vaporizer or as it is also called the E-cigarette. When his father passed away from cancer he created this awesome device that has helped so many people! Formerly called the Ruyan which translates to “like smoke” made a great name for itself where he resided from. By the early 2000’s the term “Vaping” and the machine itself had made its way to America. “Vaping” defined is the idea and action of applying heat to a liquid substance that creates a vapor. Once you have inhaled the vapor you have received your nicotine dose, that is if you chose to have nicotine because you can also get it without. While some of the E-cigarettes look just like a regular cigarette, there are many alternatives out on the market today for you to customize and choose from. Options are open from the size of the vaporizer to the shape of the machine and the battery capabilities and the list goes on…

It is so wonderful that there is alternative options for people to choose when they have decided that smoking no longer suits them! Here is even some more detailed information on how Vaporizers work.


In recent times the popularity of these devices has become so mainstream that there are cafes that have opened just for this crowd! They are called “Vaporiums” and they sell all the hardware you could imagine to go along with the e-liquids. There are many different flavors to choose from and a place for you to vape! When we say many flavors we mean many! I was amazed when I did research on the many different kinds of mixes and matches you can make with the flavors! You have the basic traditional tobacco flavors, and menthol, but then the list expands to flavors like pina colada and lime cantelope, crème de mint and sinnabun!

What is the Vaporizer E-liquid?

What is it made of? There is a bit of artificial flavoring that goes into the mix, as well as propylene glycol/vegetable glycol and don’t forget the nicotine!

Let us mention that the vaping market is not solely confined to the likes of those that vape with tobacco. Those who like to smoke Marijuana also have accepted and incorporated this machinery into their daily lives also! The idea with the vaporizer when it comes to the marijuana smokers is that it will not burn or combust the useful parts of the plant. It allows for the THC to be released in a non harmful manner, and you are receiving all the benefits from the plant without the harmful waste. It creates a better situation for all involved! With all the recent light shed on the topic of Marijuana it is nice to know that there are some very positive benefits that are coming into the light around the use of Medical Marijuana!

Benefits of using the Vaporizer:

In recent times, it has become clear that there are many bans in many states on the very action of smoking! It is great that there is another option for people to choose, and because there is little exhaled or contributed to the outdoor environment, it is widely becoming a good pick. Not to mention, you are also saving tons of dollars on not purchasing cigarettes!!! If you buy a pack a day as a traditional smoker, you are spending almost 3,500 dollars a year on cigarettes!! Can you believe that??

And if you are not a smoker, it benefits you because you do not have to smell anything nasty!! People used to get really aggressive with me when I would walk by with a cigarette! Gone are those days!!

How Does a Vaporizer Operate?

There are just a few components that make up a vaporizer. You will see the power source, heater coils and the e-juice. When it comes to Mods you have a little more going on. Basically the heater coils will heat up the e-juice and you inhale while the vapor produced is exhaled! These mods you have to build the coils yourself. It’s not to difficult but will take a bit of practice to get good at it. Many have contests to see who’s vape mod can get the biggest cloud and vapor performance.

You will see that the makers have combined fashion with functionality as with the PAX made by Ploom. The sleek design of this portable vaporizer will have you wondering if it was made by the same company your smart phone was made by. Durable too!

So what is the Argument?

We are not quite sure that the whole situation is completely safe! The E-liquid has not been around long enough to see the results of a longtime study. It is proven though that the less there is exhaled of traditional smoke in the world, the better the whole world is for it!

The Law says what?

Vaporiums are still free to allow people to vape, but in states like New York, they have closed many of these places and have made it illegal to vape in public! Retailers have their own regulations that have to abide by, like you must be 18 to buy, but in places like Canada, there have been cease and desist letters released from their government!

Where do I find one?

If you take a look around you will see that shops and kiosks have developed all over but most have cheap stuff that is not likely to work well or last long, I have found it best to read up on the Vaporizer reviews at reputable websites before buying one on a whim. It truly is the next thing! At a rate of 2 billion a year range, it is not a surprise! The FDA is paying attention and is in the process of regulation on these items! Hopefully they will find a good compromise for all of us concerned! We will also try to keep you updated with whats going on in the Vaping news section.

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