Magic Flight Launch Box Review

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Magic Flight Launch Box

Vaporizers, in their most basic sense, are devices that are designed to allow people to consume tobacco and other products without all of the nasty side effects associated with smoking cigarettes or cigars. When you start shopping around for vaporizers to call your own, you will soon find out that no two units are created equal. A new product on the block is called the Magic Flight Launch Box. It has quickly become one of the go-to products for serious vaporizer aficionados everywhere.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a portable conduction vaporizer that is powered by a single AA battery. The box is specifically designed to be of service to people who want to vaporize while on the go. Also, people want to be able to spend a little less and keep a relatively low profile.

The absolute best part of the Magic Flight Launch Box has to do with just how easy it is to use. Users who have experience with similar vaporizers in the past would quickly realize just how familiar the unit feels. Users who are using the Magic Flight Launch Box as their first vaporizer will also have an easy time getting the hang of things. Once the Launch Box lid is slid back into the appropriate position, the load blends loosely into the trench.

Once the lid is closed, simply press the battery into the box gently to activate the heating element screen. When the battery connects inside, it will illuminate reddish on the mesh screen if you’re in a dark enough area to let you know that the conduction process is happening. The unit will be ready to use at that point. Once the herb is at this temperature, draw slowly using the glass stem. Release the battery from its pressed position near the end of your draw to prevent the unit from overheating.

It really is as simple as that. The Magic Flight Launch Box an ideal vaporizer for situations where you want to enjoy vapor with minimal fuss and effort. The unit is designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand and is exceptionally efficient in every regard.

Portable Vaporizer

Launch Box’s Sleek Design

One of the best parts about the Magic Flight Launch Box is the unit’s design. On the back of each unit is a quote from the author Forrest Landry that has been etched into the case itself. The quote is the philosophical basis of the product’s parent company. In addition to a sleek, stylish design one can also choose from five different crystalline patterns when ordering. The patterns include “Tree of Life,” “Flower of Life,” “Metatron’s Cube,” “Labyrinth” and “Star Knot.”

Magic Flight Designs

Different Magic Flight Accessories

Another one of the major benefits of the Magic Flight Launch Box is the fact that the unit is very friendly to accessories that you may already have. If you have or want to purchase a power adapter to provide a little extra juice for your home or for those long car rides. For example, you can do so knowing full well that it will work with the unit without any problems.

Other accessories that are already compatible with the versatile unit include the Water Piece Whip and the Concentrate Tray. The Concentrate Tray allows you to use both solid concentrates and liquids. Great for CBD e-liquids too. While the Water Piece Whip allows you to enjoy nice, water-cooled vapor whenever you want. Very cool!

Concentrate Tray Water Whip Adapter

Maintenance for Magic Flight Launch Box

When considering a device like the Magic Flight Launch Box, potential buyers always have to wonder how easy or difficult a unit will be to maintain. Luckily, the Magic Flight Launch Box isn’t any more difficult to maintain than a large number of competing products. After you’ve used the unit, always wait for it to cool before you proceed.

Once you’ve emptied the trench, you can use the included cleaning brush to scrub out all residue. The trench is shaped in a way that allows you to easily blow into it to remove any remaining dust that is left behind. You can wipe the screen with Isopropyl alcohol during cleaning. But be sure to avoid contact with the alcohol and the trench for the absolute best possible results.

The Pros and Cons Of The Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box comes with nearly everything one will need to get started vaporizing as soon as you’ve unpacked it. In addition to the box itself, you get not one but two rechargeable batteries with caps for easy storage. Also get a battery charger, a glass draw stem, a specially designed cleaning brush, and a felt-lined decorative tin to store everything in. Don’t forget a user manual that contains answers to important questions that you may have.

One of the only downsides of the vaporizer has to do with the unit’s compact size. Because the unit is already significantly smaller than other competing products like the Volcano vaporizer that are on the market. It may be difficult for people with small hands to hold the battery in place during operation. Other than that small (no pun intended) issue. The vast majority of all users will find the unit easy and satisfying to use. One can find it for a great price if you check out this site: > Magic Flight at

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