The Plenty Vaporizer Review

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The Plenty Vaporizer

Manufactured by the same company that brought you the Volcano, Storz & Bickell have done it again with the production of the potent, handheld, stainless steel, whip-style vaporizer that is virtually silent in operation, and light by design. This vaporizer is the ultimate for your use in your home. The PLENTY does its name justice, by offering the consumption of huge amounts of vapor when vaping!

Advanced Technology:

This avant-garde vaporizer includes an herb chamber that is bigger than most which gives you a larger surface area for major vaping capabilities.

  • The delivery is very smooth because of its unique cooling coil dividing the chamber and mouthpiece. This special cooling coil does change the temperature of the vapor, making it easier to enjoy and improves the taste. Once the vapor has reached the mouthpiece, it is not hot at all!
  • The brand new double-helix heat exchanger is a unique thermodynamic component that maintains a stable temperature. It does not heat the delicious flavors.
  • It operates a 266 degrees F to 395 degrees F.
  • The materials used in the production of this vaporizer are free of any aromas, and up to par with food safe quality components.
  • It only weighs 1.5 Pounds!!!
  • The performance of the PLENTY is above and beyond that of most out there on the market today! The ultimate functionality is outstanding as well as its ingenious durability.

Density, flavor and smooth draw are three attributes that this vaporizer performs with exceptional tendencies. The quality of the vapor produced is above most of your other choices out there! In comparison to its sister vaporizer the VOLCANO, its performance is outstanding! This vaporizer heats up in approximately half the time it takes the Volcano to heat!

How do you use the Plenty Vaporizer?

  1. This vaporizer requires just a small amount of time to heat up, but once that has occurred, you are free to vape!
  2. Put your product into the herb chamber
  3. Connect the coil
  4. Take the two connected pieces and connect to the top of the PLENTY vaporizer
  5. Set temperature at appropriate dial
  6. Then you will turn on the power switch
  7. Turn on heater

After just two minutes, you will be at your requested temperature, and you can begin your vaping experience!

You will also conserve your product, because it requires very little to be placed into the large chamber when vaping. There is a small pad-like piece of equipment that is included that you can utilize when you want to use less product.

Due to the size of the herb chamber, you also have the option to include many people in on this PLENTY vaping experience. You can pack it to provide enough product for many people to enjoy in one sitting!

The Plenty

What is included in your purchase of the PLENTY?

  • The awesome PLENTY vaporizer!
  • Storz & Bicknell Grinder
  • Mouthpiece
  • Chamber for product filling
  • Cooling coil
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 3 Screens
  • Liquid Pad
  • 2 long and 2 short Tubing pieces
  • Manual for easy operation

Guaranteed for three years by Storz & Bickel

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