Vaporfi’s Selection of Pen Style Vaporizers

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Vaporfi Pen Style Vaporizers

As the truth about the harmful effects of smoking traditional cigarettes has been revealed, many people have sought ways to give up the smoking habit. One of the most popular methods today is through the use of pen style vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. With these devices, former smokers can still ingest small amounts of nicotine without the harmful tar and smoke associated with cigarettes.

These products have assisted many people in giving up the habit without going through intense withdrawal symptoms. One of the reasons for their popularity is that users still have an experience that is similar to smoking. Here is a review of six popular vaporizer products from Vaporfi:

Vaporfi Express Starter Kit

For those who are new to vaporizers, this is an affordable product with a high level of customer satisfaction. It includes two different batteries, both a standard and a high capacity one. Lithium-ion technology is among the highest in the industry. The product comes with a manual explaining everything you need to know about using it. Additionally, there are two chargers available with this model. One allows you to charge it through any traditional wall socket while the USB port allows you to charge it through any compatible device.

Vaporfi Express Kit

It works with American made cartridges that are available in traditional nicotine varieties as well as a nice selection of flavored cartridges. Some of these are already filled while others you can refill yourself. The selection of cartridges means that everyone is certain to find one that pleases them.

Vaporfi Pro Starter Kit

Vaporfi Pen Style Pro

This beginner kit also comes with chargers for the wall or USB port, meaning that you can charge it virtually anywhere that you go. It has a 3.7-volt battery and gives you a great deal of control over your vaping experience. While the model comes with a black battery, there is a wide selection of additional colors for you to choose from if you wish to upgrade your kit. It has three atomizers included and a tank capacity of 1.5 ml.

There is a wide selection of cartomizers for you to choose from to enhance your use of this product. Customers appreciate the wide variety of flavors available for use with the product and the fact that it does not leak. Read full Pro Vaporizer review here.

Vaporfi Air Starter Kit

Air Fat Pen Style Vaporizer

If you are completely new to the world of electronic cigarettes, this device may be the best way for you to go. It has a 350 mAh battery and the entire unit will fit easily into your hand. It has a USB charger and an adapter so that you may charge it from the wall. The cartridges for it are sold separately and it does not accept cartridges from similar products.

Some users have experienced difficulty getting the product to work at first but, with a few drops of the e-liquid added directly to the atomizer, it is generally cleared up. Many find this to be a great product to use, especially when they are on the go.

Vaporfi Jet Starter Kit

Pen Style Jet Kit

This product is for the true electronic cigarette aficionado. Not only does it have the same chargers as the other products mentioned, this one has some fantastic features that the more basic models lack. It has a digital screen where you can access information such as how much battery power you have left available. This will also calculate how many puffs you have taken. It has a high powered battery with a capacity of 650 mAh. The tank has a 1.3 ml capacity.

With all of these great features, it is no wonder that the batteries and cartomizers are not compatible with other models of vaporizers. Those that have used the device really appreciate the advanced features it provides. Heavier than some other models, some users have experienced slight leakage when not storing the unit properly. Read the full Jet vaporizer review here.

Vaporfi Pulse Starter Kit

Vaporfi Pulse Kit

This is one of the tops of the line products in the world of electronic cigarettes. In addition to the regular style chargers, customers will also receive a circular cordless charger that will look stylish with any home decor. It comes with two 3.7 volt batteries and two cartomizers. Larger than some other styles of electronic cigarettes, it has a classy appearance that gives it a unique appearance. It also has a digital display that will let you know how many puffs you have taken from the device.

There is no variable voltage in charging the unit. However, it is compatible with several cartomizers. That means that there is a flavor available for every use and desire.

Vaporfi Rebel Starter Kit

Rebel Kit

This stainless steel product is for those who take their vaping experience very seriously. The durable device can be used with all commercially available cartomizers and tanks. You can also use batteries of varying sizes to suit your particular tastes.

The Rebel includes two batteries, a high capacity, and a standard. It also has a wall charger and instructions in the packaging. All of the features available on this starter kit make it a truly remarkable deal. Because you have control over the e-liquid flavor and strength, you have the greatest control over your vaporizing experience by using this product.

6 Pen Style Vaporizers Great Prices and Options

Whether you are new to the world of vaping and electronic cigarettes or have a great deal of experience, you are certain to find the right product to suit your needs. Do not forget to check out the fabulous selection of accessories available to enhance your vaping experience. Whether you are interested in something small and easy to use or a high powered device that provides you with control, you will find what you need here.

After you have taken the time to look through this selection of pen style vaporizers, you can decide which one or ones you want to purchase. Then, you can go to and place your order. Should you have any questions, their staff will be happy to assist you.

Vaporfi Vaporizers

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