Increasing Popularity Of Personal Vaporizers

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Personal Vaporizers

First there was the e-cigarette, designed to help people quit their smoking habit by gradually reducing their nicotine cravings. But technology has taken this to a whole new level with personal vaporizers. The objective may be the same, however the function and availability has far surpassed the e-cigarette era. Vapes (the slang term for personal vaporizers) have evolved into something more than just a simple e-cigarette.

Personal vaporizers are one step better than e-cigs for various reasons. They are cleaner to use (no smoke, no ash, and no tar), more technologically advanced and are becoming very fashionable as well. The best vaporizers have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year or two. Both young and old have embraced them as a means to quit smoking cigarettes or as an alternative to smoking in the first place.

Vapes are increasing in popularity among the younger crowd as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Because cigarettes are so expensive and have a distinct smell, many college kids are opting to go with the vapes to get a nicotine kick without the hassles of smoking. They can also get by without being badgered by well-meaning busy-bodies. Vapes contain nicotine so they can be regulated to a degree and may not be sold to those under the age of 18.

Where Can You Vape In Public?

Vapes can also be used in areas where regular cigarettes are banned, such as restaurants, schools, and other public places. The lack of actual smoke draws less negative attention from onlookers or others nearby. So, non-smoking family and friends are not put off by the smoke smell or in their eyes. It becomes a real win-win situation for everyone involved.

Personal vaporizers have very little local or government regulation at this point in time. This makes them easy to purchase and use without a lot of extra taxes and inconvenience. Most vape users are tired of the government regulating even the smallest aspect of their habits through taxation and rules. This lack of regulation also extends to many businesses which do not prohibit the use of vapes on the premises.

Vaping Welcome

Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

For those who want to kick the habit of smoking, vapes are a much better alternative to patches or other medical means, and in most cases, cheaper. The levels of nicotine can be adjusted to the needs of the smoker and periodically lowered to eliminate the addiction altogether. Many smokers who try the vapes claim to never pick up a cigarette again. They report feeling better and having more energy without the “normal” shortness of breathe or smoker’s cough.

The choices of liquid cartridge flavors vary widely depending on where you buy them. Since the choices are so vast, you don’t have to choose just one. Many people try different flavors, eventually hitting on a few favorites that they can swap out in the device itself any time they choose. A few  popular flavors include; vanilla, cherry, mango, menthol, tobacco, coffee, strawberry and blueberry, just to name a few.

How Did Vaping Get Popular?

Arguably, one of the biggest reasons that vaping has become so popular is because it can be done where traditional smoking has been banned. This allows those who enjoy a good smoke the ability to stay indoors or with friends while still enjoying their “cigarette”. The second hand and third hand smoke is practically non-existent so no one is bothered. The vapor is said to be harmless to anyone nearby so you are no longer banished to stand in the cold or rain just to get your nicotine kick.

Personal vaporizers have become the new craze of e-cigarettes. The styles and colors available are phenomenal and very fashionable. No matter what your style, you are sure to find something that will fit your tastes. For example, many women like to have matching accessories when they go out. It is very easy to coordinate colors with the new an improved vaporizers available.

Alternative To Smoking – Vaping!

Whether you are trying to quit a smoking habit, want a different taste or are looking for an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, personal vaporizers have become a very trendy choice. Vapes also have the benefit of being less regulated than cigarettes, which frees you to “smoke” where regular smoking is no longer allowed. Vapes appear to be an acceptable solution for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

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