The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

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Herbalizer Review: Introducing the First SMART VAPORIZER!


Here you have a vaporizer that ranks truly above the rest. Someone really put some thought into this product. Not only does this bad boy operate as an aromatherapy device, but you can also use it to vaporize your herb. It comes complete with storage for your products and oils, and is made of a durable plastic!


  • 2-Year Quality Guarantee
  •  Complete control over your experience
  •  Unique greeting messages that welcome and entertain
  •  Ultra high-end metallic paint job

Ease of Use

  1. Load – 

    Load herbs or concentrates

    Tap the vapor therapy button. Twist the bowl a ¼ turn to open. Load herbs loosely packed halfway up the bowl. Or, apply a small number of concentrates onto the aroma pad and put them in the bowl (concentrates facing up).

  1. Set – 

    Set the temperature

    Set the temperature and let our halogen technology deliver unmatched vapor quality. Experience flavor and aromas like never before, with increased efficiency.

  1. Choose – 

    Choose whip, balloon or freestyle

    Attach the whip for instant delivery, fill a balloon for sharing or portability or use without the whip or balloon, and fill the room with vapor.

  1. Boost – 

    Boost with assisted delivery

    Press the fan to give a boost through the whip, inflate a balloon, or fill up the room with freshly produced vapors.

When this product is mentioned the word discrete comes to mind! Not only that, but the way the product is packaged is also extremely intelligent! The power cord is stored in the carrying case, and the product is packaged with surrounding foam that can be utilized for something else. You can use the bag for other things as well!

Herbalizer open box

The Herbalizer is a unique product with the outer shell of the machine covered in patterns created to establish a look of depth. I think it is very thoughtful to create a vaporizer that is not only fun to use, efficient to operate, but nice to look at as well!

Herbalizer display

How fast does this heat up?

This vaporizer is fast! When I say fast I mean a step above all others! Compared to those out on the market today(The Volcano), this machine heats up in less than 17 seconds from the time you turn on the vaporizer to the time it is ready to operate! Now that is fast!! Powerful in delivery, it ranks above the rest! The display is precise and clear. There are no difficult many step menus you need to follow. Simple and direct, this is easy to operate!

Did I say that this one ranks above the rest? Well, I truly mean it. The Herbalizer heats up in comparison to all other vapes faster than the rest of the desktop vaporizers. It is more effective than most portable vaporizers!! Equipped with a 300w halogen bulb, this vaporizer gets to be the champ!

So, most of us are familiar with halogen bulbs when it comes to using them for light bulbs. They can get hot enough to be used to heat foods! So let me explain. The use of the halogen is for the power it provides and when you combine that with the in-air temperature gauge, you get the opportunity to pull out just what you want from your product, each time you vape! And did I mention the rate at which it heats up? WOW!

Don’t forget, you also have the option to choose different temperatures, therefore choosing your vapor volume, density, and production! Isn’t it nice to have choices?

You have the opportunity to vape in a wide spectrum of choices. The unique display allows for fun with its color screen and there are sensors to adjust the level of brightness with no effort on your part!

The buttons you have to push are fun also! Wow, a fun vaporizer! They are responsive and are soft to the touch!

Neat Space to store:

Herbalizer Compartment

If you lift the lid, you will find a compartment where there is a bottle of essential oil used in the act of aromatherapy. There is also a brush to clean with, a grinder, and two pads for the aromatherapy. You can use the flavor that is included which is black licorice, or you can include any other. There are hundreds of varieties each with a different purpose. Some are rejuvenating, some are relaxing, some are used to calm and others to invigorate. Watch you don’t spill the oils. They are potent!

This space was also made so you can store your product here. It has the space to store about a gram of product. It will not allow air in, and the card included to help you grind your product is there to help as well. This is great if you are on the go and you might have forgotten your grinder, this one will work in a pinch!

The pads can be used for aromatherapy or utilized for a product, concentrates, and oils. There are two pads included in your purchase.

If you are choosing to use concentrates, you have the option to put the aromatherapy pad in the appropriate place with the use of the fan. Once the pad is at the right temperature, put a small amount of oil on pad, and start vaping. This process conserves so much oil you will have up to two bags worth of vaping to use! The process preserves the oil instead of combusting the oil. The whipping process can be used and maximizes the flavor of the oil. Here you can taste the change between combusting the oil and vaping with it!

What do you get when you purchase the great HERBALIZER?

  • The awesome Herbalizer
  • Chamber for herbs
  • Whip
  • 4 Balloons
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Storage container
  • Grinder card
  • Oil included in purchase for aromatherapy,(licorice)
  • Aromatherapy Pads
  • Instructions for operation
  • Power cord

Herbalizer Bags

Information regarding Herbalizer Operation:

  • Different ways to use Herbalizer: Aromatherapy, Vaportherapy
  • Aromatherapy time: 20-60 Minutes
  • Aromatherapy Fan rate: Low range to High range
  • Vapor therapy Temperature options: 290-445 degrees F
  • Vapor therapy fan operates at a high speed

Ranks above the rest!

The Herbalizer is truly the next great invention above the Volcano vaporizer. With all of the ingenious new storage containers and the fact that it can be used as an aromatherapy machine goes to show you that there really was some thought put into this vaporizer.

The only thing to look out for is the way the bag connects to the machine. Make sure the seal is tight when you are using it for optimal inflation! No one wants to waste a good product!

This is a strong, inconspicuous, and extremely reliable vaporizer. It has created a new level of excellence for those that truly love to vape! Get ready for greatness!!

The price for this awesome machine is $730.00 yikes!!

Check out my quick video Herbalizer review below. ENJOY! And Happy Vaping!

Here is another video review I found on Youtube going into even more details on the Herbalizer than covered in my review above… Enjoy!

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