Firefly Vaporizer Review

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Have you heard of the high quality vaporizer Firefly?


Well if not, let us be the first to introduce you to a very classy product.

THE PROS:   This vaporizer is set apart from the rest, for one, due to its portable convection. It heats quickly – in less than 30 seconds, which works out great for those that need a quick puff.   This portable vaporizer doesn’t heat the product in a damaging way and is healthier due to this fact!

  • The user replaceable battery charges in 45 minutes making this a great pick for someone on the go. This is shorter than most vaporizers on the market. You may also choose to buy a few batteries so you can switch them up when needed.
  •  It is simple and fast acting.
  • There are no additional chords that are necessary for use, thus increasing its portable appeal.
  • The potency is excellent and so is the taste!
  • health benefits compared to burning your items for consumption

 THE CONS:    It weighs 278 grams which is a little heavier than most vaporizers on the market.( In a sense, this could be a plus, for you will feel its weight and not lose it!)

  • It will work better if you allow the heating chamber to heat up first. (This will take approximately 9 seconds.)

APPEARANCE:  Let’s talk about the look of the fancy Vaporizer. It appears like some 1950’s tool found in a chic chick’s purse. Not only is it nice to look at, but it has been said that it does the trick without using up your product!

  • The sleek and elegant design is cool to hold and comes in three different colors!
  • The faceplate has a neat design that connects together with tiny magnets and opens to a cavity made of glass and stainless-steel parts for vapor action. These magnets will close the vaporizer automatically.
  • The battery is sealed in the back of the vaporizer, and it will remain closed unless you gently push it open. You will also see the on-off button and heating knob.

Red Firefly


  • Another interesting component is the window on the front of the vaporizer in the shape of a circle that will turn to orange when the heat goes from regular room temperature to a 400 degrees in a quick approximate 12 seconds!
  • The FIREFLY does not require a large amount of product or medicine to use it efficiently and effectively.
  • It is a low maintenance vaporizer. Who wants to spend tons of time attending to the cleaning process when you could be vaping?:)
  • It comes with two additional tools for efficient loading capabilities.
  • The manufacturer will also provide a 5-year warranty.

Other vaporizers have pros that may make this vaporizer look like it is low on the totem poll, but this one far surpasses with its inherent sophistication and user-friendliness.  If you so choose to purchase this vaporizer, you will not be let down in terms of its appearance, effectiveness and potency.

Check out for additional information and alternatives. If you want to compare this amazing vaporizer to others on the market , this website is a great place to start and become educated on the many different choices presented to you! HAPPY VAPING!

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