777 E Cigs Magnum Review

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The newest version of the 777 e-cigs is a pen-style vaporizer I have had a lot of these pen-style e-cigs sent through to be reviewed in the last couple years. So far I have seen some pretty poor designs and flawed products that being said this new 777 Magnum is completely different. I have been sampling this vaporizer for a solid week now and couldn’t find anything that would make me put it into the junk category.

The Magnum 777 e-cig is in a whole category of its own I would call it a liquid vaporizer. My reason being that the basic design is superior to the typical pen-style e-cigarette the older pen-style models like joy ego products that leak all over the place and are always sticky. Those electronic cigarettes seem to work pretty well but the hassle of a leaking e juice was enough for me to never want to use it again.


Features to expect with the 777 Magnum:

So as for the features of this new 777 Magnum, it has a long-lasting battery I have been using it all weekend haven’t killed it yet. I don’t puff it all day but I have been burning through some e juice. Another feature the Magnum has done well is it’s tank the way its set up is completely different from other pen-style vaporizers it has a chamber that is separate from the mouthpiece so no e juice leaks out at all.

I think that this tank design is the best yet it still allows plenty of e juice to absorb into the atomizer without the wicks that never seem to work very well. One thing to remember when re-filling the Magnum is to hold it upside down before you unscrew it because most others will refill right side up. Otherwise, if you still have any e-liquid left in there it will drip out, I only made the mistake once.

While the basics of the Magnum are the same small finger width battery with a button to initiate the electrical charge also a tank with an atomizer and mouthpiece. The quality is a step above the average pen-style electronic cigarette design it fits together nice and snug no rattling parts or leaks that are typical of other brands.


 How is the Magnum Vapor output?

The Vapor that the new Magnum produces easily rivals any other brand I’ve used with a consistent vapor that can easily satisfy a regular smoker. The e-liquid from 777 E Cigs Magnum is also quite good with all your usual flavors and some that are quite different as well as a variety of nicotine levels. Some of you who are already using a vaporizer regularly may have a favorite brand e juice which undoubtedly would work fine in the 777 Magnum. I would give the overall review of the 777 E Cigs Magnum a favorite of my top brand e-cigarettes.


For a few tips on using the 777 Magnum:

I have been cleaning the tank chamber every few days by rinsing it under warm running water this helps keep the flavors better than just mixing in more e-liquid. Only use a small amount of e juice at a time maybe one-third dropper when filling it. I would also recommend covering the mouthpiece when it is in your pocket to avoid lint and junk from getting in it.

It comes with five extra atomizers that can be switched out as well if changing allow time for the e-liquid to soak into the atomizer before using. Happy Vaping! 777 E-Cigs is no longer in business so I highly recommend the Mig Vapor Cigs. They are top-notch and a great price with tons of options.

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