Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer


This vaporizer is a top of the line choice when it comes to vaporizers. You can create your own unique vaporizer! You can customize your vaporizer, and choose from a wide variety of designs, as well as a large array of different colors. The vaporizer itself, the wand and the heater cover also comes with many options for personalizing your vaporizer.

Each Silver Surfer Vaporizer comes with a wand, a heater cover and a temperature dial. Each one of these items is unique. None of them are the same!! They are made in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and are hand blown glass items. Each one is a work of art! The Silver Surfer incorporates a first-rate heating component made of ceramic, and glass to glass parts for superior vapor consumption. Because this vaporizer uses convection you have much more control over the temperature that is being applied to your product of consumption.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

  • The Wand and Heater Cover is manufactured in three different styles. With each different style for the wand, the appropriate heater cover is supplied. Your choices include: Standard Glass, Ground Glass, and Spherical Ground Glass. Let us explain here:
  • Standard Glass: There is no need to stir your product with this choice. You will angle the wand in different positions and this will allow air to pass through your product, thus permitting a clean, even removal of that which you desire!
  • Ground Glass: No hands needed here. There is a tight seal created between both glass parts and it is a great choice in our opinion.
  • Spherical Ground Glass: Speaks for itself! You can position the wand at many different angles thus allowing for greater ease when vaping, and there is no need to stir your product.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer

How does this fantastic Silver Surfer work, you ask?

First, you turn on the amazing vaporizer, choose the temperature you would like, and once the vaporizer is at the appropriate temperature you can put your product into the wand and place the wand onto the heater cover. It has been stated that a medium to quick inhale will create great outcomes!!! You can control the temperature by how quickly you inhale.

As some of us already know, choosing to use a vaporizer is a great choice for many reasons. You are actually boiling product until it creates a vapor. Therefore you do not inhale or ingest some of the harmful components you would inhale while smoking. This is a healthier choice!

This vaporizer also allows you to conserve on your product because it takes very little medicine in the vaporizer to do the job. So you can save money as well as enjoy a great piece of equipment. For these days and hard times this is a great perk!

How does one keep the fantastic SILVER SURFER clean?

You will want to clean your vaporizer on a regular basis. A great and simple product that works wonders for this is simply isopropyl alcohol. The fantastic information about cleaning this product is that you only have to clean one part! The wand! You can also retrieve and keep the resin in the wand for future use. The mouthpiece will not need cleaning and the rest of the machine can be cleaned with one strong breath into the vaporizer! The stainless steel screens and tubing you will want to exchange when needed.

This amazing vaporizer also comes with a padded carrying case for easy portability and it’s made of hemp!

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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