E-Cigarettes or Vaporizers: A Good Idea or Not?

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In recent times it has become apparent that smoking is not good for a person’s health. So when the electronic cigarette showed up, many became pleased due to the fact that they had an alternative to traditional smoking.

Well, in even more recent times, we are now hearing those electronic cigarettes may be hazardous to our health. It seems that those who have a reputation to protect around this issue, are concerned about the long term effects of electronic cigarettes and what they might do to a person.

A little background: What is vaping all about?

Vaping: This product was invented in China, presented five years ago in this country, and allows smokers to inhale vapor through battery-powered tubes that are the same size as a traditional cigarette.

How does this vaping work?

A nicotine solution is suspended in propylene glycol(PG) and/or vegetable glycol(VG), which is the ingredients compound found in many foods and products, and released when the consumer turns on a small heating element and sucks on the vaporizer. Because no tobacco is being combusted, it isn’t technically considered smoking.

But something is being consumed –is it addictive?  If there is nicotine in the vaporizer – and because vaping is such a new concept and product out on the market today, there is so much in question regarding the long-term health risks.

One of the many recent studies out in the press currently, found metal and silicate particles in E-cigarette vapor. These particles were found at a measurement that could lead to respiratory problems and that was higher than that of a traditional cigarette. An additional study found that the secondhand “smoke” from E-cigarettes had fewer particulates and toxins than from regular tobacco.{Do you see the double-sided controversy?}

Still, other studies have shown that the delivery of the dosage of nicotine can vary in E-cigarettes and vaporizers associated. Although manufacturers say that propylene glycol is safe, the risks of vaping over time haven’t been studied in human beings.

How often are we presented with products that could be a good alternative, but haven’t been studied over long periods of time? Does this mean we rule out a potentially good, helpful alternative?

Let’s think about it

In the recent hearing last week, NACS issued statements encouraging convenience store owners to employ strict age-verification policies for E-cigarettes, just like they do for tobacco products. On February 26th, five US senators proposed the Protecting Children From Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act […]To reflect on that issue Henry Armour states his opinion on the issue below.

“Convenience stores are responsible retailers and conduct more face-to-face age-verification checks than anyone in the world,” said NACS President and CEO Henry Armour. “Given the uncertain status of E-cigarettes, it just makes sense that convenience stores check IDs as part of the more than 4.5 million age-verification checks that we already conduct every day.

” He is taking a stand on defending the retailers: “As responsible retailers, we want to help ensure that minors do not have access to E-cigarettes,” said Armour. “Convenience stores will continue to act responsibly in retailing E-cigarettes and complying with existing laws.” This will, in my opinion, support both sides of the issue. I think it still defends and protects both sides of this controversial issue.

The legislation is in the making that would give the FTC authority to determine marketing standards for the electric cigarette industry.  They are working on banning marketing practices.“Electronic cigarettes are not and have never been intended for minors.

We have worked directly with regulators to promote the adoption of common-sense parameters — like youth bans and age-verification laws — that have been widely embraced by others in our industry, in addition to retail partners nationwide.

In accordance with our ongoing efforts to prevent underage access and preclude interest in electronic cigarettes, we also do not market our products in any way, shape, or form to minors.” – Adam Kustin, vice president of marketing at VMR Products, makers of V2 Cigs that may appeal to minors and penalize any violators.

So here we have the voice of Adam Kustin who supports the consumption of V2 Cigs products. For those who don’t know V2 Cigs offers many choices on E-cigarettes out on the market today.

It appears that both sides of the issue want to encourage the protection of underage persons and see regulation come together to protect both sides.

The group ‘the National Vapers Club’ was established to protect the Vaper consumers. They have an opinion here too. “National Vapers Club has concerns for the health of its members who continued for the past 2 years to consume an unregulated product while the debate carried on about what products should be regulated and we hope that the FDA will expedite the process of proposing safety regulations for e-cigarettes in the interest of public health.”, says Spike Babaian, president of National Vapers Club.

NVC expects that the FDA will consult with E-cigarette consumer and industry groups to fully understand how E-cigarettes and being used and sold in order to get a clearer understanding of the product and be better able to promote regulations which will provide effective and realistic standards for the E-cig industry.

For those of you who are new to this issue, here’s a little history behind the issue:

In 2011 US Food and Drug Administration concluded to concede after two years of saying that E-cigarettes were a drug delivery device….They classified it in 2011 as a tobacco product under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. (FD&C Act) This just proves that tobacco products are meant for those that have the maturity to decide for themselves as to whether or not they want to smoke or consume E-cigarettes.

Tobacco products are just that. The E-cig is not a drug delivery device. This is pleasing that the FDA agrees that this product could be given the chance to allow people to quit tobacco smoking. Smoking a traditional cigarette is something we all know now is not a good health choice. It is nice that there are other options.

In an article from the American Enterprise Institute dated April 30th, 2014 they have some wonderful perspectives to note. Here they are:” First, quitting is not the only measure of success: merely switching to e-cigarettes spares smokers the carcinogenic tar, not a trivial health advantage.

Moreover, only eight percent of the 88 vapers expressed an intention to quit. If they had no desire to quit, there is no reason to think that the use of e-cigs would make it more likely. In fact, the authors reported that “intention” to quit did predict quitting while electronic cigarette use, per se, did not.

How many different perspectives do we note here? It seems that there is controversy on both sides and from the side that is in promotion of the E-cig, it seems that even those who should promote it, still question whether or not these electronic cigarettes are healthy. There is support on both sides of the issue and I think that there is still much work that needs to be done to figure out whether or not they are helpful.

On a personal note, I have seen more than five of my closest friends choose to quit smoking with the aid of the E-cig. Some have used it as an avenue to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and no longer smoke even the E-cig. I believe that if the electronic cigarette is helpful in the promotion of quitting altogether it should be an option in today’s consumer world.

It is widely known that the cigarette smoking habit is one, if not the hardest addiction to quit. Many say it takes over nine times to quit forever. If the E-cig helps with this product, I think it should be out there on the market as an option.

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