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In the industry of vaporizers, Pax Labs managed to produce a dry herb and wax vaporizer now called the Pax 3. The original Pax and the Pax 2, which was widely recognized and hailed as the market leader by an overwhelming amount of people, were awesome! The easy to use functionality and the slim portable shape of these devices is favored by most users of tobacco and cannabis vaping consumers.

This year Pax Labs announced the uplifted version of its famous vaporizer, the Pax 3 Vaporizer. Along with an array of new features. Without any further ado, let’s see if the Pax 3 manages to live up to the reputation set by its former model. On with the review!

Pax 3 unboxing

Design and Dimensions:

As soon as you unbox the Pax 3, you see that it looks very similar to its predecessor in terms of shape and size. There is no major breathtaking shape uplift but that is not to say that it does not look newer than the Pax 2. The first thing you will notice is how shiny and bright the colors are even though the choice of colors this time is not very vibrant.

The Pax 3 comes in an array of four colors; black, gold, silver, and rose gold. The rose gold is a limited edition color and admittedly it looks a lot better than the plain gold even though all the colors look more refined than the choice of colors they had previously. I liked all the colors except for the plain gold because it felt too flashy and blingy.

The device is also made out of anodized aluminum with a polished finish now instead of the brushed aluminum finish it had previously which might look better in terms of aesthetics and serve as eye candy but can also act as the worst kind of fingerprint magnet. However, the fingerprint attractiveness is not the only drawback because the device is now more prone to scratches as well.

New Pax Specifications

Compare Pax 2 With Pax 3

The oven is surgical grade stainless steel with a capacity of 0.3 grams which is enough for an intensive vaporizing session. The height and width of the device itself are the same as the Pax 2. As mentioned before but this version is a little heavier than the former device, probably because of the larger battery which has been upgraded to 3500 mAh from 3000 mAh.

This means that the charging can now last much longer between sessions but it will not be a large leap from the previous battery timings. However, the Pax 3 is just as handy and portable as before and fits perfectly into pockets. In fact, the additional weight is not at all bothersome because now you can feel reassurance in your pockets that the vaporizer is still there instead of having to run your hands over your pockets every now and then.

All in all, the Pax Labs seems to have taken an Apple-like approach the Pax 3. By not changing the design but instead giving it a more refreshed finish that leaves you wondering what could have been done in the previous device. So that now you could have a newer looking device but at the same time it also makes you grateful that it happened because the Pax 3 looks elegant and beautiful. Missing out on these design aesthetics would have been a pity.

New Pax Color Options

The Pax 3 vaporizer comes with a charging cable and dock, one concentrate insert (oven), two oven lids (full pack and half pack for dry herbs), two mouthpieces, three replacement screens, a multi-tool, and a maintenance kit.

Accessories For The Pax


The Pax 3 is fairly simple to use for old users of Pax 2 and also very easy to learn to use for any new users. The device has one button which in my eyes makes it very easy to control the features on the device. There are four types of heat settings that can be set directly without any hassle which include the vapor quality and quantity as well.

There are more detailed customization options for heating it up now. You will have to use the app which I will discuss later on in this post. The best feature I found to be available on the Pax 3 and is an upgrade from the Pax 2 is the time it takes to heat up. Even though the oven you get on this device is the same that can be found on the Pax 2.

Pax 2 As Good As Pax 3?

Pax 3 is capable of producing vapor in 15 seconds which means that in terms of heating capabilities, the Pax 3 is more than twice as powerful as the Pax 2 which would take a time of 40 to 45 seconds. Apart from this, as I used the Pax 3 vaporizer I also noticed that I didn’t have to take a very long draw to get the same hit and throaty feeling as I did in the Pax 2. Somehow, this affects the battery life too I presume since the Pax 3 also comes with a lip sensing technology to conserve power.

There is no need for a button anymore, just heat it up and hit it!

Another useful option I found on Pax 3 is the fact that a user can now choose a half pack oven as well. Up till now, all the vaporizers had ovens that needed to be fully packed before you could start vaping. Pax Labs finally came up with something that is more economical and feasible for solo vapers or sessions.

You do not have to pack as much weed or tobacco in the device as before. Even though you could resume a session from before the taste was never the same. Sometimes, in fact, for an average user, a whole oven worth of weed is too much and no one wants to waste their bud. But the Pax 2 only worked with a full oven load. There is finally an easy way out of this now, thanks to the half oven which can also be bought separately from Pax Labs.

The Pax 3 now works with a much lesser amount of product without the user experiencing a change in flavor at all. Seems pretty amazing and near perfect, especially for rational users like me who had to construct custom ovens with lower capacity or lower the capacity of the already existing ovens.

Pax 3 Is Now Smart With An App

Let’s look at the smartphone app now. If you like to keep up with modern technology and like being able to control things from your phone, this feature will surely delight you. For some old-schoolers, the idea of the Pax app will not sound very appealing to them. The good news is that you don’t really need an app unless you want to really dive into the specifics.

Most companies have tried to come up with ways and settings to make the vaping experience better. More customizable and individualistic. Pax Labs took that concept a step ahead and built an app that literally connects your phone with the device through Bluetooth.

So you now have fully customizable temperature settings. Find out the optimum temperature for yourself or use different temperature modes in different circumstances. You can even lock your device to keep other people away from using it and name it. This is so much like the Apple devices. There are also four types of heating modes that allow different types of heating; boost, stealth, efficiency, and flavor.

Pax Phone App

Here’s what each of the Pax 3 modes does:

  • Boost gives you a much faster heating and vaping experience by reducing the auto cooling function.
  • Stealth is the opposite of boost. It dims the lights and increases the cooling to conserve power.
  • Efficiency mode raises the temperature gradually in increments as you start vaping so that user’s session starts getting intense as he becomes used to it.
  • Flavor mode, as the name suggests, delivers the maximum flavor for those who really want to enjoy their bud. The Pax 3 does this by using on-demand heating so the user can select when the oven heats up in a session.

App Options for Pax

More Really Cool Feature With New Pax 3

Another feature I found on Pax 3 is called Haptics. This feature can be turned on and off through the app or its intensity can be set to medium or high. Basically, what this does is that when the device has heated up the product in the oven and is ready to be vaped, it vibrates and the lights blink to signal that the vapor can be produced and smoked.

This I found very useful because it meant that I could turn the device on and put in my pocket again or not look at it to know when it was ready. Having it vibrate in my pocket or in my hand made the process more seamless, I just started vaping as soon as the device vibrated without any second thoughts. The vibration itself is simplistic and minimal without making any noise like in many other vaporizers.

The device has a solid construction from top to bottom so there are no loose ends that rattle when it vibrates and the vibrations are also not low enough to go unnoticed. Also, the vibrating function adds to the personalized idea that Pax Labs have been working on because the device seems much more smart and interactive than before.

What I noticed while using the Pax 3 for vaping was that even though the quality of the vapor and the flavor remained the same as the Pax 2, the draws were much smoother than before. There seemed to be less resistance and much easier airflow so I am guessing that the airflow channel in this device has been upgraded as well.

There was no harsh flavor of any sort, even at the end of the session and it seemed that the oven had baked the product very evenly. In fact, I even checked the weed in the oven tray after I was done with vaping once to see where if any, of the product, had burned.

To my surprise, all of it had been heated evenly throughout which is why the flavor had remained consistent and the inhaling had been so smooth. All in all the experience was much delightful and more natural because I did not have to draw for long neither did it take any effort.

Pax full oven

The Pax 3’s Summary and verdict:


  • Better battery life
  • Half pack oven option
  • A smartphone app and Bluetooth compatible
  • Magnetic charger
  • 10-year warranty


  • Fingerprint and scratch-prone
  • Can get hot when used for a longer duration
  • Concentrate oven has to be handled with extreme care
  • Price is higher than others

I have always been a fan of the Pax 2 and with the Pax 3 vaporizer, I could not be disappointed even though there was not much of an innovation in terms of design as much as there was in terms of technology. So first things first, there are very few vaporizers on the market that can match the Pax 3 in regard to heating time and portability at the same time.

Can Other Vaporizers Do More?

Sure, there are devices that can provide you with instant hits and there may be devices that seem more design-friendly and portable to you (even though I think that is still stretching it too far because the Pax 3 has an impressive design and sturdy build) but there are none that can offer this mix of time and portability together.

If we have to judge it simply on its design then there is nothing new about it except a refreshed and more premium feel. There are other devices with new designs but Pax 3 has focused more on what’s inside this time, presumably because it already had a good design to last a while.

The ten-year warranty may also be a cherry on top for many vapers, especially since they will be spending a hefty amount on the device at first but as far as usage is concerned, I think the Pax 3 is really worth it because it has gotten all the details right this time. You can have

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pax 3 store

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    Thanks for sharing this article about pax 3 although no much different between pax 2 and pax 3 in term of technology and shape, I have always love pax 2, but going through your write up about pax 3, u made mentioned about haptic, this is spicing up my interest especially it’s features that it can set to medium or high and also on and off aspect too, hopefully I will order for it soon

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    I did not know about the pax vaporizer before reading your review. I would not know about it if I had not read your review. The Pax 3 Vaporizer looks really nice. I liked Its colors, design, performance and everything. I am amazed to know the app functions and how it works. Can’t wait to buy one!

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