Arizer Extreme Q vs Herbalizer Comparison

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The Herbalizer is stepping up as the highest ranking vaporizer out there on the market currently. It can function in two different ways. One way it can be used as a balloon vape or a whip vaporizer. Each one is great, but I prefer to use it as a whip! Often times it seems that when you have many options with one vaporizer you lose quality. This I haven’t found with the Herbalizer. I have found that I use up less product, and it is so easy to operate! So in the end, I am saving more money not purchasing and using more herb, and I am relaxed when I am using it due to the fact that it is so easy to operate!

The Herbalizer was created by two NASA engineers with a vision to create a beautiful and powerful vaporizer. They have achieved this! The High Tech engineering that went into creating this amazing vaporizer is the same intelligence that guarantees the reliability of the satellite super computers! They have created the first SMARTVAPE! With technology like this, how could you go wrong?

Don’t forget to consider the Arizer Extreme Q! This quality vaporizer ranks well with many others out there on the market today! It has many great perks and can be looked at as just as sufficient to the Herbalizer. It has different characteristics, some that some people might favor, and others might decide to choose the Herbalizer over the Arizer or vice versa. Please read on to learn more about each so you might make an educated decision about your product and we want you to be pleased with your experience and purchases!

Comparison of how each vaporizer works:

The Herbalizer

  • The Herbalizer will give you choices as soon as you open it! You can use the aromatherapy mode, or the vaporizer mode. Your next choice will be to decide whether or not you want to use the balloon option or the whip choice. You also have the choice to use the freestyle mode which is like vaping with the balloon, but you don’t apply the balloon. Instead you just turn on the fan and vape away! This option appears to waste more but is still an option. So many choices!

So the next step is to get loaded! Load the appropriate place with your herb, and pick your vaping style. The halogen bulb that is utilized is like using a tiny grow light in your vaporizer! The temperature that can be reached can hit 800 degrees F so it is important to use the bulb when you need it and turn it off when it isn’t needed! No need to get too hot or waste any product!

The halogen bulb will heat up the vaporizer to the set temperature in about five seconds! Now that is the fastest I have heard! I have been doing research on vaporizers for over six months now, and I have researched almost every vaporizer out there on the market. This information is outstanding and ranks the Herbalizer far above all others for this very fact!!

The temperature is regulated also, so there is no worry there either! It can heat between 290 and 445 degrees F and operates with custom software to keep the temperature steady! It will keep a steady temperature within five degrees. In this case, you have the option to utilize specific canabinoids. For instance, if you want a lighter experience in the morning, you would start at a lower temperature, and later in the day you may increase for a stronger experience! This was my complaint as a smoker of herb. I couldn’t regulate my intake in a way that I could function appropriately. This vaporizer gives you that chance!

So, with these temperature choices, you could boil out the psychoactive particles and then turn the temperature up to find the cannabidiol which is a very helpful component in treating epilepsy and other issues. I just think it is genius to be able to target and pin point a certain temperature so you can draw out different components of the herb!

Don’t forget you also can use the Herbalizer to do aromatherapy too! All you have to do is switch the Herbalizer to aromatherapy mode and load the machine with the aromatherapy pad that is included with the Herbalizer and you are off!! Check out the full Herbalizer review for more detailed information.

The Arizer also gives you the opportunity to use aromatherapy. I think it is just great that you can not only use herb with these vaporizers which allow people to relax, but you also get to use the aromatherapy mode which has been known for years for its ability to use scent to create different reactions and responses in people. Two great vaporizers with two fantastic modes to choose from!

Arizer Extreme Q

  • So now let me explain how the Arizer Extreme Q operates. This vaporizer also operates as a balloon vaporizer or a whip option. There is a temperature control that turns on a fan with three different choices for speeds with the fan. This also controls the vapor and how dense it can be. It is really a great option to have the chance to choose how dense or light your vapor will be. I think this is the best part of using a vaporizer. Having the chance to choose is great!

These parts are made of glass and stainless steel. The vapor temperature is shown on a LCD screen. The heating element that is made of ceramic can heat up in approximately two seconds!!! It also operates with a remote control! This feature is great. The remote operates the LCD screen which will display the temperature of the operation, the fan and there is even a sleep timer in case you vape too much and fall asleep!! HAHA

The range is 122 degrees F to 500 degrees F and heats up in about three minutes. When using the Balloon style option, it takes about three minutes to fill the bag. It doesn’t ask for much when it comes to cleaning it, but it is better to make small attempts than to wait until it is really dirty, for the tubing will become clogged and make it harder to clean and harder to vape thru. You can use alcohol on some of the parts of the vaporizer, just refer to the manual before you clean!

Priced at approximately $240, the Arizer is cheaper than the Herbalizer. As stated before, the heating element is made of ceramic. The bowl, mouthpiece and curved elbow pieces are made of glass and the tubing is made of quality food grade PVC tubing. This makes the vapor clean and clear! The ceramic heating element can heat up to vape temperature in two minutes.


Herbalizer is a higher end option and offers custom options where as the Arizer Extreme Q offers similar characteristics within a smaller budget. It really depends on how deep you want to go into your vaping experience and how much dough you want to spend on your vaporizer. Each gives you different choices! Check out the full Arizer Extreme Q review for more detailed information. To purchase this amazing vaporizer visit this website at for a good deal.

We can also compare the difference in physical make up.

  • The Herbalizer is a small compact piece of equipment and the Arizer Extreme definitely needs to be placed on a table. This is one important difference in the two. Both have their pros and cons in comparison to size, but just remember each have different special characteristics.
  • The Herbalizer looks great and is easy to handle. It is not obnoxious in make up and is made of durable plastic with an interesting outer coating that sparkles in a way like you have never seen!
  • The Herbalizer screen display is clear and precise and not complicated to figure out. The way a good vaporizer should be. The whole set up creates a peaceful experience. The buttons are easy to operate, and the screen is easy to read! The Arizer also comes with a LCD display screen where you can view temperatures and vapor settings. On the display you will see the Fan, the Timer and the Heat options available for you!
  • Unlike any other vaporizer, the Herbalizer comes complete with a two tiered storage center. Here you can store your aromatherapy products, or your herb! Quiet as can be it won’t disturb anyone around you!
  • The Arizer comes complete with glass and ceramic parts which some people prefer! The cyclone bowl stands tall and the ceramic that it is made of eliminates any toxic material threat! The body of this vaporizer will stay cool to the touch! It also comes with an automatic shut off clock that can operate with chosen times of 2 to 4 hour setting capabilities. You can also take this guy on the road with a portable battery pack! Who could ask for anything more?

Both of these outstanding vaporizers come with Lifetime warranties!

The Arizer is made in Canada, and the Herbalizer is made in the USA.

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