Volcano Hybrid Review 2020

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Volcano Hybrid Review 2020

Volcano Hybrid Review

Ever since Storz & Bickel rolled out their iconic Volcano Classic vaporizer two decades back, they have been relatively quiet. And, can you blame them? The Volcano Classic vaporizer is still one of the most preferred vaping units in the market. The company is probably still collecting a hefty paycheck from their Classic unit. 

However, for all those vaping enthusiasts clinging on to a two-decade-old vaporizer, Storz Bickel has the solution in the form of their latest Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer.

The latest Storz Bickel Volcano Hybrid is the ideal upgrade to your classic vaporizer. The Hybrid iteration is arguably one of the best vaporizers on the market. It comes with some of the best-in-class features along with many technical and performance upgrades from its predecessor. 

So, how good is the latest vaporizer iteration from Storz Bickel? And should you consider upgrading your Classic Volcano vaporizer?

Here is a comprehensive Volcano Hybrid Review to help you make the ideal decision. 

So, let’s first get the “hybrid” tag out of the way. What is the significance of a hybrid vaporizer as compared to the conventional digital vaporizer? 

All 3 Volcano Vaporizer
All 3 Volcano Vaporizers

Volcano Hybrid Vs. Digital Vaporizer

Some of the key differences between a Hybrid and a Digital Volcano vaporizer are as follows. 

Heating mechanism

Usually, when you talk about the traditional analog or a digital vaporizer, the heating mechanism involved is only a convection system. In this type of heating system, the heat is produced due to hot air.

Whereas, in the case of a Hybrid vaporizer, the heating mechanism involved is both convection and conduction system. So, in brief, the heat is produced due to the combination of hot air and hot (heating) surface as well.

The dual heating mechanism (obviously) produces much more superior vaporization, enhances the flavor, and improves the overall efficiency of the vaporizer.

The 3 Foot Bag!

Versatile Vaping Methods

The versatile nature of the Hybrid vaporizer is another of its key aspects. With traditional digital vaporizers, the only vaping method you get is the bag system. However, with a Volcano Hybrid vaporizer, you get the option to use both the bag and the whip vaping system. 

The dual vaping mechanism allows users to choose any of the two methods depending on their convenience and their personal preferences as well. 

Technical tweaks

As obvious as it may seem, the hybrid iteration of the volcano vaporizer is miles ahead of its digital counterpart when it comes to technical upgrades. The most notable difference is the addition of a touchscreen feature as opposed to the conventional physical buttons. This provides an enhanced response and also minimizes the risk of damaging the physical controls as well. 

In addition, the Hybrid vaporizer also comes with a bundle of technical perks such as Bluetooth connectivity option. This feature enables you to control various aspects of the Hybrid vaporizer remotely using your smartphone.

Hybrid Volcano App

All the above convenient aspects of the Hybrid vaporizer make it a much smarter and efficient option to consider. It basically retains all the positive characteristics of a traditional vaporizer and enhances the performance with the help of some key modern upgrades.

High-Performance Hybrid Vaporizer

Apart from its superior performance and convenient aspects, the Storz Bickel Volcano Hybrid also comes with a cluster of the unique and impressive spec sheet. 

Here is a brief overview of the overall characteristics of the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer.

Design and build quality

The overall design blueprint of the Volcano Hybrid is more or less identical to its older classic sibling. However, you will notice instantly that the huge physical temperature controller knob and the analog off/on switch on the bottom are replaced with a modernized touchscreen interface.

The LED screen is fairly bright and displays clear and accurate temperatures to help you monitor and control it according to your preference. The four touch controls allow you to increase/decrease the temperature and also switch between the heat and air functionalities.

The controls are all identical to the traditional digital/analog vaporizers, only instead of using the physical knob you simply operate with a simple touch.

Volcano Hybrid in the Spotlight

Is The Hybrid Built Well?

As for the build-quality, Storz & Bickel has established itself as the benchmark of premium and durable vaporizers over the years. And, the trend continues with this Volcano Hybrid review as well. Simply put – the brilliance of German engineering construction does not disappoint in any way. 


The performance front is one of the areas where the Volcano Hybrid takes a huge leap from its predecessor. The temperature control is much easier and more versatile, allowing you to switch between 104°F-446°C (or 40°C-230°C). 

The hybrid heating mechanism, along with wider temperature control, allows the vaporizer to attain as quick as 10x faster heat-up time. 

Vapor quality

If you thought the premium vapor quality of the Classic Volcano vaporizer could not get any better, you’re in for a delightful surprise. The vapor quality of the Volcano Hybrid is as good as you can expect from any top-notch vaporizer. 

The exceptional flavor is primarily due to the incorporation of dual conduction. A convection heating mechanism provides enhanced vaporization. Thicker vapor, and superior extraction.

Simple Whip Design On This Hybrid

However, if you want to experience the optimum flavor of the Hybrid vaporizer, it is best to use the direct-draw whip inhalation. In brief, the vapor quality of the Volcano Hybrid is undoubtedly one of the best and also a distinctive experience you won’t regret in any manner.

Volcano Hybrid Accessories

Volcano Hybrid Accessories

The unit comes with the following default accessories out-of-the-box

  • Volcano Hybrid vaporizer 
  • One easy valve balloon with adapter 
  • Herb mill
  • Three easy valve balloon with the mouthpiece
  • Power cord 
  • Tube kit 
  • Air filter set 
  • One chamber filling 

You basically get everything you need to use the vaporizer on a daily basis. However, there are some key add-on accessories that you can purchase to further enhance your vaping experience.

These include –

  • Volcano Hybrid reducer, aka filling chamber reducer
  • Volcano Hybrid wear and tear set
  • Dosing capsules
  • Filling set

Volcano Hybrid Price Tag

Although the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer makes for a convincing purchase option, especially with regard to its flagship tier performance and overall spec list, it does come with some drawbacks.

The most notable aspect is the overwhelming price tag. The Volcano Hybrid is a $700 vaporizer. So, if you are on a budget-friendly shopping venture, it probably wise to make a U-turn. 

Another underwhelming aspect of the Volcano Hybrid is that the noise level seems identical with its 20-years old classic sibling. Obviously, with an upgraded product, you would expect it to be quieter during operation. But, sadly, that is not the case here. The fan noise is still very persistent. Easy enough to just deal with though.

Final Thoughts For This Volcano Hybrid Review

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid is unquestionably one of the best vaporizers you can get your hands on. It has the ideal combination of the bleeding-edge technology along with a top-tier performance capability.

If you can overlook its substantial price tag, the Volcano Hybrid is a no-brainer, especially for someone looking for a premium grade vaporizer with a long-term use plan.

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