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The Amazing Zephyr Ion Vaporizer:


Vaporizers have been noted as the safest and cleanest way to experience the benefits of your herbal materials aside from edibles. The ION Vaporizer from Zephyr has taken clean vapor to a whole new level. What makes the Zephyr Ion different? The Ion keeps the air separate from the coils that heat up your material, keeping the vapor stream clean and pure! The Zephyr Ion is made with the highest quality components, it provides a pure vapor experience and its ease of use makes the Zephyr Ion one of the highest valued table top vaporizers on the market. Lets take a look at what makes the Zephyr Ion great!

Black and classy, with brilliant buttons, the only vape out there that fills the bag and can be operated with one hand!!! Read more to hear all the perks of this great vaporizer!

Priced at $359.99 some would not even give this baby a chance. With a price like that some would say, “Can it cook me dinner also?” The real story is that it is very easy to change the chamber, and it is a very, very quiet machine! Almost all other vaporizers make a sound when vaping and this one is close to silent!

For those of you who are new to vaping, you may want to read the instructions for the first time you operate the Zephyr Ion, but it is easy enough to use! The very informative temperature valve will show you what degree you are operating the vaporizer at, and therefore it makes it very hard to destroy your product. When you have the option of vaping at 100 degrees to 400 degrees F it is a great asset to have a gauge to let you know where you are at with the heat.  There are options with the Zephyr Ion that are there for your consideration. One, you can use the forced heat option, and the other is the direct draw. Either one is up to you based on what you like to use.  The point is that you will receive a strong vapor that is direct and clean! How could you go wrong?

Another great perk is that you can fill your chamber with one hand!! What multi-tasking endeavors await while vaping with the Zephyr Ion!  The vapor that is produced is strong and solid. The button that is used when the mouthpiece is ignited is in need of use to loosen it up.

If you happen to use the vaporizer to the point where you might be a little spacey, it has a great feature to protect you. The Auto-Off feature will turn the machine off if it has not been operated for an hour. Not to mention, this vaporizer comes with amazing customer service by the manufacturer, so if there are any issues they can be handled and cleared up efficiently and effectively. It will remain on for three hours at its maximum.

How Do I operate this Zephyr?

Push the power button to turn on the vaporizer. When the LED light has hit the color green, the part that heats the machine will have turned on.  The Screen that is LCD will show red and you can set the temperature using the plus or minus buttons.  When the vaporizer has hit the desired temperature, the screen will show up green. This is great for most often green means go!! Next step is to put the product you desire in the chamber, and make sure you only put about 1/3 to about ½ into the chamber compartment. This will allow for enough air to pass thru that you will still be able to make a nice draw. If you put too much product in the chamber it really won’t operate to its maximum capabilities. Make sure when you reinsert the basket that it is fitting in there just right so you don’t slam it down and  break it! It fits in there just right!

Push the AiR button, and after about five seconds before you place the bag where the air straw is located. When you see that the bag is filling up to its capacity hit that same button again. Open the Ion lid, and give it a chance to express the heat that it consumed. You might have the option to fill many bags at a time.

Put the mouthpiece up against your lips to inhale and press on the valve button. You will want to inhale soon after filling the bags, and consume the vapor before ten minutes expires!

When it comes to the style of vaporizer, just consider this style. There are many different kinds, and for those of you who are new to vaping, this would be my chosen one for you. The whip style is very similar, and useful, but this would be my pick for beginners! I also do enjoy the fact that it has buttons for auto off just in case you might need that.

One thing to remember, this vaporizer will stay at the temperature that you have picked, so it will be hot when you want to remove the chamber basket, and remember to turn off the machine!

This vaporizer ranks right up there with the Volcano, Herbalizer, and Arizer Extreme, so make sure you check them out! All these other vaporizers listed here are fantastic, but this one stands out…


What Do you Get When you Purchase to Zephyr Ion?

  • The amazing Zephyr Ion Vaporizer
  • One USB Cord
  • Aromatherapy sample
  • 2 kits with one bag each and a matching mouthpiece
  • 2 Baskets to fill with vapor
  •  1 Liquid Pad Set
  • 2 Replacement bags with seal washers
  • 2 Replacement Air Filters
  • 4 Replacement bags with ties
  • 4 additional screens

So let me just remind you. This is a vaporizer that can operate with the use of just one hand. It heats up in a quick amount of time, and is practically silent! Who could ask for anything more? When it comes to vaporizers, you are in for a treat with this one.  Have you tried many other vaporizers? Give this one a chance! Check out this site: Zephyr Ion Vaporizer at VaporNation.com


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2 Responses

  1. Brian

    Extremely comprehensive kit great for beginners, even though the vaporizer itself looks more like a breathalyzer.

    • Andrew Clapham

      Best vaporizer I own and I own everything including the plenty, silver surfer, hot box, life saber, herbalaire 2.2, vivape 2 and the arizer extreme q. I know I have a prob. haha I like to call myself a collector! The zephyr ion is the best one hands down! Even beats the volcano which I owned but sold!

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