5 Ways Cannabis Can Spark up Your Sex Life?

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Many cultural factors in our lives can instantly lower our libido. It can merely be because of age, hormones, medications, health issues, or just the stresses of life that can kill it. If you’re looking for a more natural sex boost, Cannabis may be your route.

Can CBD Balance Our Sex System?

You’ve likely heard what Cannabis is along with its credible claims of health benefits. To refresh, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it’s a compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. We know this compound for its relaxing and medicinal qualities. CBD should not be confused with THC or delta 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol, which is popularly known for its psychoactive properties.

The CBD compound does not possess that element in it. Moreover, our bodies naturally make cannabinoids too in the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS has two receptors called CB1 and CB2. We find them in various parts of our bodies, including our sexual reproductive system. More so in women, than in men, these CBD receptors are found in the vagina, vulva, fallopian tubes, uterus (For men the testicles.). They retain a lot with how we feel during sex.

Cannabis and Sex

5 Ways Cannabis Helps Your Sex Drive

Unbeknownst to us, our independent bodies naturally have a two-sex system. These systems work together powerfully, aiding in our sexual arousal. First is the excitation system that deals with our body’s arousal ability.

The second is our sexual inhibition system. It makes sure we don’t go overboard by balancing our passionate drive. Research has shown CBD helps typically reduce our inhibition system, carefully putting a dampening on it so that it gets regulated, allowing us to get that loving feeling back.

CBD Can Enhance Sensual Sensation

CBD can help heighten physical sensations. Through topical CBD infused lubricants, oils, or lotions, CBD seeps into your blood vessels, helping oxygenate your blood, allowing for better blood flow and easier stimulation to all the precise areas.

It can help relax the pelvic region making the experience more pleasurable to reach that peak with ease. Some regular OTC products can have numbing agents that can often lessen the feel, not heighten it. On top of that, there are Lab-tested blue dream seeds from high supplies too.

Can Help with Stress -Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are detrimental to our general health and can also be a strong sexual mood killer. CBD has brain calming properties activating our brain’s endocannabinoid system. This, in part, let’s loose the chemical anandamide the “bliss molecule” for obvious reasons. Its job is to make the brain feel relaxed and worry less, allowing you to better enjoy your intimate moment. 

Experience sexual anxiety? Performance anxiety? CBD can help with that too. It can help relieve the stress so that you can be at peace from the swirling thoughts of the day or the pounding insecurities. Letting you feel relaxed with your partner.

Ease Sexual Anxiety

CBD Might Lessen Pain

Have you lost your sex drive because of pain? Pain can also be a factor in your lack of carnal desires. This is prominent for women if they suffer from vaginal dryness or discomfort due to mild irritation from penile penetration.

If sex is painful, your mind associates sex with pain; therefore, it does not establish intimacy easily. Arousal is hard because all your brain is thinking is pain, pain, the pain it will hurt. They say love hurts, but it shouldn’t be like that.

Scientists and even medical doctors have proven with adamant research that CBD can help with pains of all kinds. Recent surveys reported that 68% out of 1,000 reported back that when using CBD, it enhanced their sexual drive a little. Only 39% stated it was super effective. Along with its already mentioned anti-anxiety properties, less pain and discomfort mean the more into it you can be. Sex can become pleasurable again.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

Might Aid in Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can strike a man at any age. The causes behind it can vary from certain medications taken, physical health conditions, mental stress, past trauma, sexual anxieties. It additionally can be a combination of all.

Among the CBD’s relaxing effects on the brain, BioMed Research International reports CBD could offer more help to correct ED. BioMed Research said those who took part in the Ayurveda lifestyle, claims to have improved sexual function and performance. All after starting the lifestyle. This could be due to CBD promoting better blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels. Consequently, aiding in better blood flow to the penis resulting in easier erections and endurance.

Final Thoughts

The amazing benefits of CBD are never-ending, no doubt. The outcome of if CBD helps is still circumstantial.  There are many that rave of the benefits, while others may say they felt no change. Research is on, but there is no denying that some findings sound promising. You may already incorporate CBD in your life. Why not now try incorporating it in the bedroom to see for yourself.

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