7 Things To Try While Vaping

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Most vape enthusiasts will agree… the hours following a vape session are sacred. There’s a limited window of time in which to get the most from your vaping experience, and you don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

Sure, it’s great to do nothing. Some people, in fact, vape specifically to do nothing. In our everyday lives, it can be hard to relax. However, some things done while vaped are just undeniably better.

So you don’t have to waste a single second of your time, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of things to do during or soon after your vape sessions. Enjoy!


Eating while Vaping

This is something of a cliché, but it deserves a mention nonetheless. Towards the end of a session, more often than not you’ll be extremely hungry.

Being hungry already makes food taste better, but on top of that, the effects of your vaping session will make food taste amazing.

Smoking before eating is great too, but the tar-y taste takes away so much from the food. Unless you plan on brushing your teeth afterwards, choosing your vape over the rolling papers before eating is a great choice.

We all know this, and for that reason I won’t spend too much time on it. It did, however deserve a place on this list.


Theater Vaping

Sometimes, after a vape session, you get what some call “theater vision.” Why not go to a theater?

Anyone who’s tried it knows, vaping just makes things better. Movies are no exception.

Comedies are funnier, action movies are more exciting, and horror movies become truly terrifying (if you don’t like being afraid, we do not recommend this.)

Sitting in the dark under a massive screen and hearing the high quality surround sound offered by your local theater only enhances the experience, and when you walk out of the theater, you’ll feel as though you’ve had a truly immersive experience.

The next time you go to your theater with some friends or even by yourself, consider piling into the car and hotbox your heart out. Your movie experience will be out of this world. 



Your SoundCloud or Spotify account will never be more appreciated than it is while you’re nice and vaped. Music is immersive enough as it is. It can make you move your body, turn your day around, or just create a nice atmosphere. Also check out VapeRadio.com

Add a vaping session to that equation, and you’re in for a treat. Music has never sounded so good. Rather than music coming from your headphones, it suddenly feels as though the music is just part of you. It becomes a much more immersive and sometimes even intimate experience.

If you’re vaped enough, you may find yourself laying back and closing your eyes. Just go with it! What follows may be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had. Swirling colors will often pop out of the darkness, providing a visual experience unlike any other.


Conversations Vaping

When you’re vaped, having a conversation can be great, depending on who the conversation is with.

For best results, I recommend doing this only with fellow vapor enthusiasts. Having a conversation with someone who isn’t vaped or simply isn’t open to vaping can be more stressful than enjoyable.

This is why a vaped conversation is best had among like-minded people. Grab a friend (or several) and sit down at a table with your Extreme Q, or just crash on the couch and pass your Pax 3 around the room.

What follows may be one of the most endearing and/or deepest conversations of your life. It’ll be great, regardless of whether or not you’re able to remember it afterwards.

Vaping can even improve conversations with strangers. In fact, it could be argued that there’s no better way to get to know someone. Vaping brings both the walls and the judgments down, allowing anyone to connect on a more personal level.


This is a bit of broad category, and the first event that comes to mind when it comes to vaping is probably a music festival or concert.

The concert while vaping concept may be just as cliché as that of eating while vaping, however, your options extend far beyond concerts.

Going to the circus while vaped can be a magical experience.

Sporting events can become far more entertaining.

And, yes, music festivals while vaped are obviously delightful.


Vape Walking

Whether its walking in the dark, being mesmerized by street lights, or hiking through nature while astounded by its beauty, you can’t go wrong taking a walk while vaped.

The fresh air combined with your favorite vapor is a winning combination. You’ll most likely get lost in thought, contemplating the big questions of life. You may even get lost in your surroundings.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Vape Cruising

I can’t condone driving while your considerably vaped, but riding shotgun is one of my favorite things to do after a session.

The visuals you get as things fly in and out of your field of vision (especially at night) is fantastic. Lights from store signs, traffic lights, and other cars are a delight to watch.

If the stars align, it may even begin to rain, at which point you’re in for an awesome experience. Rain and puddles reflecting the surrounding light is truly something to be beheld.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas to get the most out of your vaping experience! 

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