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The Atmos RAW Reviewed:

In the beginning, Atmos mailed this to clients and when it contained herbs it worked like an electric pipe not a vaporizer. When they received many bad reviews they decided to offer a screen made of glass to prevent the combustion from occurring. My buddy tried this screen. He was not pleased with the results.  Basically, what I am working to say is that it is not true vaporization. You have the option to add another screen, which will avoid combustion all together, but in turn you will not receive hardly any vapor.  Where is the sense in that?


This vaporizer will work with concentrates and has been proven to perform in this manner quite well.  This way will actually perform well when used as an electronic pipe! But if your true intention is to vaporize your materials then this one may not be the greatest pick of your investment or time either.

We will add that it is very easy to use. It requires that all you do is hold down the power button where you will see the blue light turn on. This is located at the tip of the machine. You will want to have loaded it with your chosen product before turning it on. To do this you simply separate the two pieces and place your chosen product in there.


You will want to put the big part of the Atmos into the charger and attach it to the wall to charge.

Ok so here is the deal. If you hold down the button for a short time you will receive a small amount of vapor, but if you hold down the button for a long period of time, you will see combustion. This is confusing for many.

There are many choices out on the market today and for those of you who are truly looking for a portable vaporizer there are better vaporizers to choose from. You may want to do some more research.


When looking to purchase a portable vaporizer this is where many turn, but it seems you will have to purchase additional parts if you want it to work like one. For someone who is looking for a true vaporizer you may want to look elsewhere, but if you are comfortable combusting whatever it is you are going to ingest, then the Atmos RAW may be the perfect one for you!

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Enjoy this if it is your choice! We are not saying that it is a bad choice, just if you are looking to be a portable vaping person there are better options out there! There is a lot of information on the many different styles and components that come with many different portable and non portable vaporizers. May you find what you are looking for and enjoy your vaping experience. Contact us anytime if you have questions. Thank you!!



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  1. Brian

    Many complain about the Atmos Raw’s button, but I like the ability to get as much vapor as I’d like each puff. To each his own, I guess.

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