Atomizers Vs. Clearomizers Vs. Cartomizers: All You Need To Know

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Atomizers Clearomizers and Cartomizers

Although the vaping industry continues to grow gradually, it can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for beginners. With lots of devices, vaping options, and unfamiliar terms, you can easily get lost and confused.

If you’re struggling to understand the difference between atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers, this guide is for you.  Differentiating between these devices will allow you to make a better decision when buying one.

So, let’s explore each one and find out how it works.


The Atomizer is the device that turns the e-liquid to vapor that you vape. It plays a crucial role in establishing a link between battery power and vape juice. The atomizers and the vape coils, which heat up inside, work together to heat the e-liquid, and produce vapor.

The Best Atomizer comes in different designs. You can make your own coils or buy disposable ones. The power delivered depends on the resistance of the material used. Power is measured in ohms, coils with lower ohms need a higher power.

How to Use an Atomizer

As vaping continues to gain more popularity, the design of atomizers has also evolved. You can construct and use them in the same manner. So if you intend to build your coil on the atomizer, all you require is a premade coil/ wire, a wick, some tools, and these few steps;

  • Set up your loop and fix it on the build deck of the atomizer.
  • Examine the coil resistance on the vape’s ohm/mod meter to ensure that you know your device’s limit and battery safety.
  • Steadily dry burn the coil to get rid of the hot spots, and ensure that it glows uniformly.
  • Put it aside for a few minutes for it to cool to its average temperature.
  • Now prepare the wick material and put it inside the coil as you also put the wick tails into the wicking passages.
  • Drip the juice on the coil to prime the wick.
  • Let it saturate for a while before you start vaping.


The word ‘clearomizers’ is a combination of the words “clear” and “atomizer.” These devices are popular and used by most vapers. Some of its standard components include a clear plastic or glass made tank, chimney connecting the coil and a top cover, mouthpiece, and replaceable coil.

In general, all the vape tanks with replaceable coils are known as the clearomizers. These tanks usually have 510 connectors; hence you can use them with different pens and vape mods.

Clearomizers are relatively simple to use as compared to the atomizers. Inside the clearomizers are a clear plastic/glass tube, atomizer/ coil, and a drip tip. Refilling them is also easy since you only have to drip the e-liquid via the filling hole.

The coil or atomizer is replaceable. All you have to do is to unscrew it whenever you want to replace it. There are three types of clearomizer coils, including top coil, bottom coil, and multi-coil.

How to Use a Clearomizers

  • Prime the coil by carefully dripping the juice to ensure that your coil saturates in the e-juice and doesn’t emit dry hit.
  • Screw the coil inside the vape tank, assemble all the other parts, fill it with the juice, and leave it until it fully saturates.


The word comes from a combination “cartridge” and “atomizer” which can also be referred to as the e-cigarettes. It’s a vaping device that is typically attached at the end of the battery. Unlike atomizers and clearomizers, these devices are easy to use and suitable for beginners.

The cartomizer and the battery duplicate the cigarette’s shape and size, while the cartomizer is usually the filter. The cartomizers are also pre-filled and replaceable.

Cartomizers usually come in disposable cartridge packs. So in case the wicking material is accidentally burnt or produces an unpleasant flavor, it’s time to throw it away.

How to Use a Cartomizer

The installation of the cartomizer involves simple essential steps. First, you need to screw the device into the battery and then turn it on using the button or inhale to activate it.

With the cartomizer, the experience is somehow restrictive. It also produces smaller amounts of vapor and impersonates the impacts of a cigarette. Once the cartomizer becomes empty, you can toss it away and get a new one. Although these devices may not give you the best flavor or produce large amounts of vapor, they are undoubtedly pocket-friendly devices and quickly get the job done.

Sub-Ohm Vaporizer

Which One Is the Best?

The choice majorly depends on your preferences. Each of the devices comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It means that there is no better option or a winning device when choosing between the cartomizer, clearomizer, and atomizer.

But one important thing to note is that beginners might find clearomizers more friendly. Atomizers can be a bit challenging to operate, especially if you are a beginner. On the other hand, cartomizers have fewer features.

Therefore, clearomizers may give you a good experience in terms of convenience, performance, affordability, simplicity, and vaping equipment function.

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Atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers are incredible devices that give the users a better experience and satisfaction. However, it’s all about your preference when choosing between the three. While some users may find cartomizers suitable for their needs, others may prefer clearomizers or atomizers. The above comparisons will undoubtedly help you choose a suitable vaping device.

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