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Kandypens launched the much-praised herbal vaporizer, Miva, over a year ago and it has sustained it’s adequate standard even today. The herbal vaporizer is an above-average addition from one of the top Vapor companies.

Kandypens has yet to fail in introducing us to a degenerative product, though Miva comes close. In its top ranks, Miva vaporizer has been poised to stand tall and bold. The Miva vaporizer comes with the infamous lifetime warranty that is accompanied by any Kandypens vaporizer.

Find Out Everything In This Kandypens Miva Review

miva vaporizerKandyPens Miva Review


Miva vaporizer has introduced us to a batch of new innovative features waiting to be explored. The simplistic design of this model is different from what we are usually accustomed to. The design may seem rudimentary at first, the red Miva vaporizer resembles the exterior of the iconic Ferrari supercars. The renowned vaporizer manufacturing company had a successful launch not solely because of the prestigious name it holds.

Miva vaporizers carry the essence of an elite company. Kandypens is renowned for the careful thought that they give while building a product, Miva stands out as proof of that yet again. This vaporizer should be entertained as an inspiration for the coming herbal vaporizers.

miva colors

The articulate design, simpleminded in its nature has made it easier for use. It contains three buttons on the front. Observing it from the left side, you’d notice the power button, a screen that provides you with all the necessary details and placed beside it, in the end, there are buttons to adjust the temperature. The range of the adjustable temperatures is a tad higher than a typical vaporizer, 300-435 Fahrenheit.

Features Of Kandypens Miva Vaporizer

The power contains a new safety feature, the screen providing all the necessary details of the battery life. The temperature of the vaporizer when it starts and the temperature at which we want to keep it. Which is adjustable through the buttons placed on the side. While the vaporizer powers up, the OLED display of the vaporizer will keep blinking and finally maintain a distinctive blue color when it’s ready for use after reaching the temperature.

Among the few portable herb vaporizers available in the market, Miva provides you with the most thrilling feature about it. The ability to control the temperature with a vast given range on the vaporizer. This feature is commonly available in the larger models of a herb vaporizer. Kandypens Miva stands out in terms of performance.

Miva vaporizer Black

The Miva vaporizer is made of plastic and is available in a variety of colors. That can range from something rather discreet or flamboyant. There are a total of four available selections, a silky black and other white colors are available as they are the most common choices. The stunning red and light pink are also some vibrant colors for the people that might want something different. The design inspired in a way to make it resemble a classic Ferrari, the three air holes at the side, and the audacious red and black.

It provides multiple air gaps on the sides to allow the user to create large thick visible vapors within 2 – 4 draws. The heating chamber is clearly visible upon the removal of the initially placed mouthpiece at the top of the vaporizer. Users can rest assured that the heating chamber, unlike most can turn the herbs completely brown, successively extracting all the beneficial qualities from it.

Heating Up Kandypens Miva Vaporizer

The heating chamber is efficient and highly effective. Apart from the other built-in features, there is another replaceable mouthpiece provided, that is much more suitable. The oven provides sufficient space for the herbs to last for an entire day.

The vaporizer features the swiftly heat up within a mere 10 – 20 seconds. A very useful addition that enables the user to enhance the capability of the product. The Miva vaporizer also comes with a 2200 mAh battery.

The battery power can help you last for an entire day, maximum an hour and a half of constant use. But for an average user, they can probably squeeze out 8 to 9 sessions for an entire day without recharging it. There is a micro USB slot on the side of the device for recharging. The power of the battery is so high so that it can provide the user with more than satisfactory vapor function and extensively working heating chamber.

Along with the product, we received a small maintenance kit to cure the vaporizer by removing all the herbs that are stuck in the oven. This kit includes a cleaning brush that can be helpful for all those cleaning problems a normal herbal vaporizer brings with it. However, no matter what kit they provide, there are still issues in regards to completely ridding the vaporizer of all the oils from the remaining herbs. However, the kit provided does make it easier for the customer to deal with this issue to a certain extent, which is appreciable.

Cleaning Kit

Kandypens Miva Review Of Usability:

A vital factor for this great vaporizer apart from its sleek stylishness is its ability to perform. The usability of any product, vaporizer, or not. Miva may not have the necessary attractiveness with respect to its design, but it surely performs on great heights. The classical design model that attempts to predicate a cool factor is unappealing, to say the least. The lack of its limited appeal is made up in its outstanding performance. The vaporizer has a bundle of features that makes the vitality of the design irrelevant.

Among the raunchy new features, we were most excited about the built-in memory data function. This specific function of the vaporizer has been its unique selling point. They have allowed us to finally elude the continuous annoyance of re-selecting our desired temperature. Those struggles have alas been cured. We can finally enjoy our vapes without having to re-adjust the temperature setting each time we decide to use it. It is a very useful addition to the group that can make a strong impact on its ingenuity. For most users out there, this can be a very attractive feature.

An interesting new safety feature allows us to avoid starting up the portable vaporizer in the pockets or bags. We have all lost a great batch of herbs or unable to have that highly anticipated group vaporizer session. Those worries might now be in the past, with Miva all of this is no longer a concern. The vaporizer is activated by tapping on the power button five times, which starts up the heating process automatically. We can finally avoid our vaporizer using up our battery and wasting all those precious herbs.

The size of Miva’s oven has been praised for personal use. It has enough space for a personal session. There is praise for Miva in this aspect, it is eloquent during some of our alone time. But it sadly that can’t be shared for those exciting vaping session with the gang. It’s not really made to be used to be passed around in a constant circle of friends. Check out the best-rated desktop vape made for sharing with others called The Volcano. Unlike most vaporizers, Miva does bake the herbs rather than burn them. They leave the herbs dried and crisp brown.

Miva The Ideal Portable Vape

The lightness of the vaporizer makes it easy to hold, it is unlike many other vaporizers are relatively much heavier. It resolves the consistently increasing annoyance of holding these heavy vaporizers. We can use it without having worrying about straining our wrists. There have been numerous times when a heavy vaporizer ruins the experience for users just being a heavy awkward object.

Though the design of the vaporizer isn’t up to the mark, it does, however, satisfy the comfortability as we hold the product. The vaporizer has been designed in an uncomplicated way. It makes it easier for users to understand the concept and working of the vaporizer. With the three buttons placed on the front, there are no explanations required as to how they might work.

This glass tube mouthpiece creates a much more enjoyable experience as it provides a clear and compact smoke that results in a highly visible thick vapor. Initially, when the Miva vaporizer came to the market, users felt the mouthpiece attached heating up.

Kandypen quickly addressed the issue by launching a glass tube accompanied by the vaporizer. It will suffice to exclaim that the new mouthpiece didn’t only resolve the experience but on the other hand it elevated it. It has distinctively improved the feel of the vaporizer.

 Miva Vaporizer Oven

Miva has the ceramic chamber which can help you to create a large amount of heat almost instantly. It has reportedly taken most people up to 4 draws to create some vapor. The instantaneous heat up ability of this portable vaporizer is applause-worthy. The heating chambers work so well that you don’t have to wait around till it heats up, Miva usually takes up 15 seconds on average. Unlike most compact vapors, this one is relatively faster and efficient.

Irrespective of the praise Miva has gained in popular vape press magazines. It has been suggested by many experienced users that the vaporizer doesn’t reach the standard they usually expect their vapes to do. Most of them have often recommended Miva for people who are vaping for the first time. Comparing Miva to the many pen vaporizers available in the stores, this one provides you with a landscape to expand the horizons for all those starting to use vaporizers.

 Kandypens Miva Review Verdict:

There are several factors that had to be considered in accumulating this Kandypens Miva review.

The moment of truth is finally here, the verdict for Miva’s vaporizer is listed below after the comprehensive discussion on its various pros and cons.


  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to use
  • Rapid heating functions
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Adjustable temperature feature


  • Not the best to be used with groups of people

Overall for this Kandypens Miva review, the pen is an eligible candidate for one of the leading herb vaporizers. It can, however, improve its work by providing better design and a better management system. Irrefutably, the vaporizer has exceptional performance, it creates massive clouds and heats up instantly. It is highly recommended for first-timers use this vaporizer. It has the easy on the eyes look with a steadily impactful experience on a pleasant vaping session.

There will be several proceedings that would be doubtful. One of the leading factors that might predicate most people for holding back on actually purchasing this product is its cost, $199. Some of the middle-class citizens would be more reluctant in purchasing it. Even though the high price is understandable, the vaporizers are worth every cent. The quality and design of the product stay true to their word. They provide us with an exceptional highly rated product that will not be a disappointment in any aspect.

It was previously discussed, nonetheless, the only thing holding Miva Vaporizer back is that the sensational experience can’t be shared with others. It is a perfect product for a sole user. The short comfortable oven space is effective at vaping the herbs. It can be enough for passing it around a little but it is perfect for a single individual.

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