Side Effects & Safety When Using Cannabidiols

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The name CBD has become so popular that a lot of people have taken an interest in what it really is. A lot of speculation has been coming out due to this popularity. And truth be told, they can be really persuading.

In fact, many products now are claiming to be CBD-based, even though they are not. So we can assume that most of these products are of low quality. K. J. Myers writes that currently, the only one that is FDA-approved is the Epidiolex.

Any other than that is illegal. Keep in mind that there are no over-the-counter products right now.

CBD or Cannabidiol has shown a lot of impact in the field of medication. In fact, a lot of scientists and medical experts have an eye on CBD because of this. Its promising results have gained a lot of questions about whether it is safe and doesn’t bring up another symptom or side effect.

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Is CBD Marijuana or Cannabis?

A little bit of summary, you might already know but CBD comes from the plant named Cannabis sativa. It is widely known by its street name as Marijuana or Hemp. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the hundred chemicals that you can extract from the plant.

For starters, CBD is the safe chemical that can be taken from the plant, it is one of the main cannabinoids that composes the main plant.

The other one is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), it is the psychoactive portion of the Marijuana plant, which means, this cannabinoid can bring mental disruption to someone who is using it.

So is it safe to use? Generally, for its recent results, it can be assumed that it is safe. There have been no results that show any long-term side effects. However, there have been a couple of minor side effects that were recorded.

Listed below are the most common ones that you might get from legit and high-quality products, the other portion of the list are the ones you can get if you buy those low quality and easy buy ones.

Side effects based on high-dose clinical trials

During research where patients ages 2-18 have taken in  Epidiolex, the side effects they have encountered were:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Nausea
  3. Lose/Gain in appetite
  4. Sleepiness

Patients have been thoroughly reviewed and studied for any symptom they might encounter during the process of research.

And what the scientists and doctors have observed were that, for people who had been raising their dosage without responsible control of it in the first week, they have suffered the former side effects.

However, those side effects were then lifted when the dosages were controlled and stabilized. It is advisable for new users of CBD to check and observe results on their first week of use to avoid further complications on the body and the compatibility of the product.

You can either lower your dosage, change the product, or best, to ask for another prescription from a doctor.

Side effects from low-quality CBD products

Normally, if a patient asks for a prescription from a doctor, the doctor would prescribe a high-quality product to avoid any side effects from the genetic ones. Don’t get me wrong, genetic medicines are still great to use in treating illnesses and are still continuing in doing so.

However, when we talk about CBD, where the main product is still under investigation, low-quality products may bring a lot of complications and unknown side effects.

These low-quality products may have dangerous ingredients within them that may bring harm to possible consumers. Some of the ingredients that were found are as follows:

  1. Pesticides
  2. High level of THC
  3. Bacteria
  4. Synthetic cannabinoids

These ingredients are considered dangerous when taken inside the body. There are even cases where those products that claim to have CBD in them, turn out to be a normal medication and not a single drop of CBD is present.

In order to avoid risks and complications, it is best to have a background check on products that are available. It won’t take you that much time checking the background and you might not know, you will learn a thing or two about them.

If you are looking for products that are legit and budget-wise, our site offers a free read for those people who are still new to learning CBD.

We have a review of each product that is on the market today and what are in them that makes them above any other. All you have to do is browse and nothing more.

Possible side effects of CBD oil.

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