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Atmos Raw Review


The Atmos RAW Reviewed:

In the beginning, Atmos mailed this to clients and when it contained herbs it worked like an electric pipe not a vaporizer. When they received many bad reviews they decided to offer a screen made of glass to prevent the combustion from occurring. My buddy tried this screen. He was not pleased with the results.  Basically, what I am working to say is that it is not true vaporization. You have the option to add another screen, which will avoid combustion all together, but in turn you will not receive hardly any vapor.  Where is the sense in that? Read More

V2 Cigs Announces Series 3 Pro Vaporizer

Here is Our V2 Cigs – Series 3 Pro – Review

Since V2 Cigs introduced a new line of vaporizers, V2 Pro, we managed to get one of them for testing purposes and this is our review of the new V2 Pro Series 3. If you are a vaper, you probably know about V2 Cigs. They are well-known for their slim, cigarette-style e-cigs, but they are yet to release a full sized version. V2 Cigs spent millions on research and development, with the purpose of building a vaporizer that would meet all qualities and functions other brands on the market already have, without giving up on the style they used their customers with. This is how the V2 Pro line of vaporizers was born. Featuring 3 in 1 cartridges, they can satisfy all vaper’s, from beginners to experienced users. Read More

Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer Review


 Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer Review

The Pinnacle Pro is not just another portable handheld vaporizer. VaporBlunt, the company who designed the original pinnacle, has taken customer service to a new level. Using a forum style dialog about their products gives a unique relationship to the home user and the developers allowing them to key in on issues and improve upon them. The outcome of these interactions may be one of the smallest hand held vaporizers on the market as well as one of the best portable vaporizers of 2014. Read More