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Vaping E Liquids With Smok TFV4 And X Cube 2

Smok TFV4 with X Cube 2

You may be looking at the pictures above and wondering what the heck is this? We haven’t got into a whole other category of vaping much on this website yet but we decided to start reviewing tobacco alternative type related vaporizers now as well. Considering several people that help maintain use them currently and quit their tobacco cigarette habits switching to them we wanted to share some of the best of these types as well.

This new device is pretty advanced for the typical ‘just starting out’ vape user. However it can work just fine for even a beginner. For someone just curious about vaping that doesn’t want to spend extra money as a big investment I would not recommend this vape device.

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Arizer Extreme Q vs Herbalizer Comparison

The Herbalizer is stepping up as the highest ranking vaporizer out there on the market currently. It can function in two different ways. One way it can be used as a balloon vape or a whip vaporizer. Each one is great, but I prefer to use it as a whip! Often times it seems that when you have many options with one vaporizer you lose quality. This I haven’t found with the Herbalizer. I have found that I use up less product, and it is so easy to operate! So in the end, I am saving more money not purchasing and using more herb, and I am relaxed when I am using it due to the fact that it is so easy to operate! Read More

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The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Herbalizer Review: Introducing the First SMART VAPORIZER!



Here you have a vaporizer that ranks truly above the rest. Someone really put some thought into this product. Not only does this bad boy operate as an aromatherapy device, but you can also use it to vaporize your herb. It comes complete with storage for your products and oils, and is made of a durable plastic!



  • 2-Year Quality Guarantee
  • Complete control over your experience
  • Unique greeting messages that welcome and entertain
  • Ultra high-end metallic paint job


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