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The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Herbalizer Review: Introducing the First SMART VAPORIZER!



Here you have a vaporizer that ranks truly above the rest. Someone really put some thought into this product. Not only does this bad boy operate as an aromatherapy device, but you can also use it to vaporize your herb. It comes complete with storage for your products and oils, and is made of a durable plastic!



  • 2-Year Quality Guarantee
  • Complete control over your experience
  • Unique greeting messages that welcome and entertain
  • Ultra high-end metallic paint job


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The Plenty Vaporizer Review

Introducing the PLENTY Vaporizer:

The Plenty Vaporizer

Manufactured by the same company that brought you the Volcano, Storz & Bickell have done it again with the production of the potent, handheld, stainless steel, whip-style vaporizer that is virtually silent in operation, and light by design. This vaporizer is the ultimate for your use in your home. The PLENTY does its name justice, by offering the consumption of huge amounts of vapor when vaping! Read More

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Desktop Or Portable Vaporizers?

Our Top Rated Portable and Desktop Vaporizer for 2014

If you are on the prowl for the perfect gift and the person that you are shopping for loves the herb, a new vape could be just the thing. Vaporizers vary and what can be good for one might not be the bet fit for another. With two major types on the market, you’ll have to choose between a Desktop and a Portable model. Here are my favorites along with others that are highly rated with some tips about selecting the best choice for the special someone in your life. Read More

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