The Haze Vaporizer Review

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The HAZE: Noted as one of the best portable vaporizers:


As the vaporizer enthusiasts would say, the Haze is one of the very best for its many wonderful attributes and components. With the many different components to what is important in a portable vaporizer, portability, efficiency, time it takes to heat it up, versatility, temperature gauging, and session time, the Haze rates above many.

Let me explain about the Haze here:

The Haze possess’ the first dual bowl vaporizer. This is the first to ever exist on the market! This is fantastic! It appears that you can consume two different kinds of product at the same time.  It was made so that you can use concentrates and dry herb if you so choose to.

With just one switch that you will flip, you can alter your vaporization experience from one kind to the other. The size of the chamber is comparable to that of the Arizer Solo or the Pax, except the exception is that you get to use these dual bowl choices in your vaping time!

Did I mention that if you are not utilizing both sides for different products that you can pack a double amount for your vaping session! These are favorable qualities when it comes to a portable vaporizer.

Haze Vaporizer Review

Let me discuss the heating capabilities that the Haze possesses. It has a very special heating technology that being made of stainless steel it can heat up to the temperature of 500 degrees and up. In a normal situation this would evaporate any substance. This system effectively heats the outside air first, and cools down previous to the intersection of the substance and the combustion. This amount of temperature is unusual in portable vaporizers!

When I studied the different session times for other vaporizers in comparison to this one, I found that the Haze could heat and vape for 35% longer than other choices on the market. The capabilities of the Haze are outstanding.

It’s Heat exchange system is one, the conduction in comparison to the convection option that it has, and the choice you get when you can choose between the dual bowl system! When you choose to burn dry product with the Haze you in turn will save some dough.

If you are burning the wax, you will save money also. It does not burn it off very fast at all. It is distributed quite evenly. When you compare it to a pen or a mod you will see these great results! The session time is much longer in comparison to these other options.

Inside the haze Vaporizer

The Haze will heat up to its maximum capacity in less than 90 seconds On the top of the vaporizer you will see the heat button. The LED lights will show you the four different heat options and when you see the lights flickering you will know that the Haze is heating up! When they have stopped blinking and they are solid you know that your vaporizer is ready to operate. You will also see the status of the battery power with the indicator light.

You have the option to use the external rechargeable batteries also. Two Li-Ion external batteries are available so you will never have to have any time where you can’t use your vaporizer.

The Haze comes complete with two different kinds of screens. There is a conduction screen and a convection screen. The conduction screen is made of stainless steel and is open on both sides for the option of having the product that is dry experience an exposure that is controlled while in the heating compartment.  When you are using this screen you will experience a thick and strong vapor.  The convection screen does not have the option of having your product touch the heating capabilities. This is a more healthy way of vaping though.

Haze Vaporizer Oven and Screen

The Haze Power Bank: The Haze has a unique wall charger that is so versatile that it can be used as a power bank for your charging of your cell phone, laptop and anything you may need to charge. You do not need anything additional. All this requires is a USB cable and you are set! You will see LED lights that will show you where your items are at in terms of charging!

There are cans that come in addition to all the other wonderful items and components you receive when purchasing this vaporizer. The cans are made of stainless steel and come complete with food grade lids.  There are wicks for the saturation of the liquids you may store in here. There is a wax tool and you may also store your dry product in here as well. These go directly into the heating chambers and all you have to do is drop them in!  You will see a strong, solid dense vapor. This is a quick and easy way to use your vaporizer you just pack and hit the road!

The size of this vaporizer is great! It is a true portable vaporizer! It is 3 1/3 by 3 inches by one inch! It will fit in your pocket or right in your hand! Talk about little! It has a very sleek look and awesome finish!

The mouthpieces are made of Pyrex and stainless steel. Ones with give you the flavor of pure vapor, the glass one, while the steel one will show you a strong vapor. With the exceptional heat system that this vaporizer has, you will receive cool vapor in either one of the mouthpieces you choose to use! You can also store the mouthpieces in the unit itself which is such a great perk if you are on the go!!!

The cleaning process for the Haze is easy! It is made with parts that you can remove and clean. There are additional cleaning tools provided and the mouthpieces are easy to remove and clean . You can clean the air way for the mouthpiece with alcohol and a small Q-tip.



There is a ten year warranty! This warranty covers all defects! It also covers the labor costs and workmanship!

What do you get when you purchase this vaporizer?

  • The Dual Bowl
  • 2 Convection screens
  • 2 Conduction screens
  • 2 mouthpieces, one stainless, one glass
  • Wall Charger that can charge many items at once
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries
  • 2 Oil or Wax Cans
  • 1 Cleaning Tool
  • Manual
  • Video DVD

In conclusion, the Haze is one of the most innovative vaporizers out on the market today. The value is remarkable! It does not have a car charger, but aside from that it is a wonderful portable vaporizer! There must be a way around that though! Check out this site for a good price: Haze Vaporizer at

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