What Is In A Vapor Cigarette

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What is a Vapor Cigarette?

vapor cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes were originally touted as a way to stop smoking tobacco with all of the harmful tars and smoke that cigarettes emit being seen as extremely harmful.

Cigarette tobacco has been scientifically proven to have well over 200 carcinogenic, or cancer causing chemicals contained in it, so having an alternative seemed like a good idea. If you have ever seen the representation of a pair of lungs of a person who has smoked tobacco for any period of time, you will understand how the lungs are affected by tobacco smoke.

The lungs themselves are a dark gray, and they are literally coated with tobacco tar on the insides and the outsides, which eventually causes COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is the actual destruction of the breathing process. The lungs have tiny airway transfer ports, called alveoli, which actually transfer the oxygen in the lungs directly to the bloodstream. Tobacco smoke and tar gradually and systematically destroy the alveoli.

4 Stages Of COPD

Stages of COPD

So it is easy to see why the creation of the electronic cigarette, or the vapor cigarettes has become very popular, and at the outset was used as a means to quit tobacco smoking.

The electronic, or vapor cigarette works on the same principle as an atomizer. The device itself can be shaped as any sort of container, but earlier models were shaped like, and looked like fake cigarettes.

Within the outside container, there is a cartridge that contains a liquid Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, and Nicotine mixture that when heated, will be atomized, and turned into a vapor that looks very much like cigarette smoke. There is also a heating element that becomes activated when suction is placed upon the mouth of the device, which heats the glycol mixture to the point that it vaporizes, and is then inhaled by the user.

The e-cigarette can operate on that principle alone and look like, and have the feel of a real cigarette. The interesting part about the vapor cigarette boom has become the art of mixing different ingredients and flavors called e-liquid with the glycol mixture to enhance the experience and the usage of the product.

There has been an epic explosion of companies getting into the marketplace for these devices and their ingredients because of the money making possibilities, and that includes the major tobacco companies. Lolliard, the big tobacco giant purchased one of the earlier e-cig companies, Blucigs early in the game. Reynolds Tobacco came out with its own line of e-cigarettes.

Beginning in 2009, the e-cigarette movement began with an initial sales figure of somewhere in the 50,000 unit range that year. Since then total sales are in the billions, but interestingly enough, these devices do not seem to be making much of a dent in the regular sales of cigarettes.

The earlier models of the e-cigs were initially supposed to be a replacement for tobacco cigarettes and their harmful substances, and to be used as a means to quit. However when it was discovered that the most addictive substance in cigarettes, the nicotine, was a substance that could be added to e-cigs, then the complexion of the product changed.

The levels of nicotine can be varied, so theoretically, a person could start out on e-cigs with a nicotine level that mirrored their regular cigarette. Then gradually, the amount of nicotine could be lowered until it was zero. That is nice in theory, but in fact people found that they could still get that nicotine “hit” similar to a cigarette, and most people stayed at their former levels of the nicotine.

It is a big advantage from the stand point of the elimination of tobacco smoke to switch from regular tobacco cigarettes. When the tobacco smoke is eliminated, so is the harmful tobacco smoke that contains the hundreds of different harmful chemicals, including arsenic and cyanide.

When E-cig companies like V2 Cigs began to mix flavors into the vapor cigarettes, that is when the market got extremely interesting. Flavors can run the gamut from tobacco flavor (very popular), chocolate, coffee, peppermint, mint, menthol, fruit flavors and on and on. Today there are thousands of flavors, mixtures and many innovative combinations. New e-liquids like the Nicotine Salts are also getting very popular in the vapor communities.

It has also become fashionable to have the best e-cig mods, which have risen to new levels of sophistication and efficiency. The mods alone can be very costly, or they can be plain jane and be very modestly priced.

e cig mods

The aftermath of the initial push in the market has been a settling of the direction of the market and its place. Rather than overtaking the cigarette market, the e-cig market has seemed to become more of a cult experience.

As distasteful as it is for a non-smoker to be around a person who smokes cigarettes, cigarette smoking is just as popular as it has ever been, largely because of the ease in obtaining cigarettes and to smoke them. The e-cigs have found their place however, with those who are intrigued by their novelty and the mixtures of tastes from cigarette tastes and other more exotic mixtures.

There seems to be something for everyone, and that is a feature that makes e-cigs popular enough to have created a robust market in all of the other parts of the industry. People have their choices of hundreds of different devices, cases, colors and shapes, which makes the cult format flourish and perhaps eventually replace much of the tobacco market.

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