5 Ways To Fix Vapers Tongue

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Have you ever had a bad vaping experience whereby your tongue suddenly can no longer tell the e-juice flavor? If so, then you have a vape tongue. Vapers tongue is a condition that makes it hard for users who prefer vaping marijuana to taste the flavor of the e-juice. If your juices are no longer testing as well as they used to, you may be having vapers tongue. Most vapers experience this issue, and it can last 1-3 days or even persist up to two weeks.

The term “vapers tongue” became popular after vapers noticed that at times, they developed a thick coating on the tongue that interfered with their ability to taste. For anyone vaping weed, the ability to taste is no doubt substantial because the flavor is part of the experience. In this article, we look at ways to fix the vaper’s tongue.

Vapers Tongue

What Causes Vapers Tongue?

To fix this condition, understanding its causes is vital. Various factors cause this condition among marijuana users. Here are some of the most common factors that lead to vapers tongue:

  1. Vaping the Same Flavor

You are more likely to develop this issue if you vape the same flavor each day. The brain begins to block smells and tastes if it is continuously detecting them. It is tempting to maintain the same flavor when you finally find the e-liquid that you love. However, if you continue with one flavor all day, you will suddenly find that you cannot taste it any more. If you have trouble obtaining a particular flavor in your region, you can mail order juice from trusted sources at your doorstep quickly. Always go for the trusted and the best online shop for vaping pens.

  1. Dual Users of Vape and Smoke

Cigarettes are harmful to health, and they bring many side effects such as airway blockage and lung diseases, among others. The use of cigarettes can also affect the smell and taste receptors, and this is a vital issue for a marijuana vaper who also smokes.

  1. Vapers Tongue From Dehydration

Taste buds present in the tongue are what determine our ability to taste. These taste buds have a life span that lasts two weeks after which they regenerate and maintain the ability of a person to taste again. The problem is that taste buds require saliva to work properly. Too much vaping can affect the tongue, lead to a dry mouth and reduced the functioning of glands present in the mouth.

A person can lose their ability to taste when there is inadequate saliva in the mouth. Moreover, most vapers fail to understand the vitality of hydration while vaping, and this leads to the development of the condition. Dehydration can lead to an odd taste and worsen symptoms of dry mouth. When the human body is short of fluids, it can cause the mouth to accumulate salt minerals that interfere with taste.

  1. Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can cause changes in tastes, and this can affect your ability to discern different e-liquid tastes. According to the findings of one study, stress and anxiety can affect a person’s perception of taste. You may be experiencing stress if you do not feel that vape flavor so you will likely get vapers tongue.

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How To Fix Vapers Tongue

  1. Stay Hydrated

Since dehydration is one of the leading causes of loss of taste, it is crucial to drink water throughout the day while vaping. Drinking water is not only beneficial for health but will also help you enjoy the flavor of your e-juice. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. If you develop a water-drinking schedule and adhere to it, you can beat dry mouth and reduce your risk of contracting vapers’ mouths.

  1. Quit or Reduce Smoking

It is advisable to quit smoking if it is the main cause of your vaper’s mouth. When you quit smoking, you will improve your ability to taste after some time.

Dental Hygiene Effects Vapers Tongue

Adhering to strict dental hygiene can form the basis for improving your taste buds. When brushing your teeth, ensure that you also brush the tongue and keep rinsing your mouth with mouthwash several times a day. When cleaning your tongue, use the rear side of the toothbrush to scrub off any coating and leave it as clean as possible.

It is also good to make it a habit to clean your teeth and tongue after a vaping session. You will get optimal flavor when your tongue is clean. Biotene products can improve dry mouth and come in various forms, including overnight gel, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

  1. Switch Flavors

If you are vaping the same flavor of e-liquids every day, try experimenting with others on the market. Switch e-juice flavors from time to time so that your brain does not adopt to one taste. There are many different e-juice flavors to try from, and there is no doubt that you can always get a variety that suits your needs.  For example, menthol flavor has a strong taste, and many people even believe that it can help to revive the sense of taste.

Therefore, if you always vape strawberry e-juice, you can switch to menthol or a preferred flavor. When selecting flavors, you can purchase high-dosage CBD vape oil to get that perfect amount of pure organic CBD for vaping. A high concentration mostly combines vegetable glycerin with high-quality hemp oil and natural flavors to keep you entertained and satisfied throughout the vaping session.

  1. Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

Alcohol and caffeine are diuretic in nature, which means that they accelerate dehydration and lead to dry mouth. When you take these two products, you tend to urinate more frequently and lose a lot of water. If you are experiencing dry mouth, it is essential to reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake.

Conclusion For Dealing With Vapers Tongue

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Vapers tongue is a common condition affecting most long-term marijuana users. However, with the knowledge of its causes in mind, avoiding it by using the above ways is possible. Don’t let such a small problem interfere with your vaping activities. If you wish to get a constant supply of different flavors of e-juice, we recommend you to check our e-liquid reviews.

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