Maintaining Your Pod Mod Batteries

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When it comes to electronics, the key to let them last beyond the bounds of their warranties is to pay attention to them. Caring for your electronics, especially tricky ones such as vape mods can seem tedious. But the fruits of taking proper care of them will reflect when you get to enjoy the delicious flavors of vape juice, or CBD isolate that will hit you right.

Adequate maintenance of your vape mods can ensure better performance, improved experience, and, most of all, cut down costs of repairs and replacements. Vape mods are high-performance heating equipment, and special care is required to enjoy the satisfying vapes for longer.

Pod Mods

Vape mods are designed to offer the best performance under proper conditions. These are larger devices than e-cigarettes and takes its cue from a regular vape pen. It means to keep every part of the pod mod in the best possible condition. In the case of battery equipment, the secret to cherishing your equipment longer lies mostly in keeping your batteries well. Letting it suffer through tough conditions will damage the charging cycles of your battery and cost you high.

Also, in the case of most pod mods, you cannot replace the battery alone, which means your whole device could go waste. As long as you keep your battery and battery segment of the equipment in good health, you can enjoy the e-juices for as long as you like.

Your pod mod batteries are different

Your pod mod batteries need special attention because they are quite different from other batteries you might be using with your vaping systems. In most cases, batteries are detachable, and this makes the process of caring for your system much more comfortable. But pod mod batteries are mostly inbuilt and hence require different attention and care.

Your batteries need to be kept in good condition not only to increase the efficiency of your vaping but also to avoid any dangerous situations such as explosions. Here are a few ways to help you take good care of your pod mod batteries.

  1. Never switch chargers: The world of USB has made charging a lot easier than before. You can connect the cables to any adapter, and the system seems compatible and works perfectly fine. But every piece of electronic equipment is unique. Each of them has power ratings that are most suitable for particular equipment. Hence stick to using the charger provided by the manufacturer when you charge your vape mod. If you have lost, misplaced the charger, look online for the recommended ratings before you decide to plug it into any system. Overcharging or charging with wrong power ratings could not only damage your batteries but also have dangerous repercussions in some cases.

vape mod batteries

  1. Know when to start and stop: We all like to charge our vape mods 100% to ensure it stays longer for us to enjoy. But charging up to 100% can damage the life cycle of the battery. Charging too much affects the charge cycle capability of the battery. It could cause you to spend on replacing the mods too often. Also, not charging till the last drop of juice drains out could damage your battery. Try to keep track of your mod battery. Place it for charging when it reaches about 25 % and take it out when it reaches between 85% to 90%.
  1. Use regularly: If you are not a regular vape mod user, chances are that your batteries are draining off without usage. Consistent usage is important to keep the chemicals flowing in the device. Hence try to use it at least for a while every few days to keep the batteries in good condition.

battery life

  1. Store properly: Vape mods perform their best if stored properly. Exposing them to extreme conditions of heat could damage the entire system, particularly the batteries. Leaving the set up outdoors or in places of higher temperature or humidity than the allowed range will cause problems in the internal makeup of the cells. It will reduce their life cycle and could also lead to dangerous situations such as an explosion. Similarly, store them in places away from dust and rit. It makes the process of cleaning more comfortable and also helps extend the battery life of your mod.
  1. Make up a cleaning ritual: When it comes to taking care of your battery, the best way to ensure it is under proper care is to keep your device clean. Vape mods have an accumulation of dirt and residues in various parts. It could eventually clog the outlet and increase the effort of the device to perform at its optimum levels. The need for increased performance places extra pressure on the batteries, which starts to overwork. This type of stress on the battery could cause permanent damage to them.

Make it a habit to clean your mods once every day for a few days. Rip them into different parts and carefully remove dirt or particles accumulated in different places. Try to include regions such as the connecting points of the battery. Lack of proper connectivity at the battery end could also be the reason for draining out battery too soon without enjoying the fruits of it. Cleaning also ensures that there isn’t any residue burning over and again, causing a bad experience while you vape.

cleaning your vaporizer

  1. Ensure all parts are good: Any deficiency in the device will increase the strain on the battery and damage it sooner than you expect. Hence make sure your device is in perfect shape. One of the most important components is the coil. It determines the output expected from the battery, and hence pay close attention to it. Make sure the coil is of good quality and understand the resistance levels of the coil. The coil should also be compatible with the pod system in use, or this will wear out your battery too soon and reduce the charge cycles.

The same goes for pod cartridges too. There are several different styles of e-juice cartridges available that could rush you with too many options to choose from. But your cartridge must be completely compatible with your pod. It makes sure your battery does not have to take the stress. Read your manufacturers’ manual properly and use only the recommended types of cartridges.

If you are a frequent user, you can also invest in a vape pen kit to alternate between the two devices. It shifts the burden of usage between two devices, which will make sure both are in good condition. These simple tips can help you take proper care of your batteries. This way, you can avoid expensive replacements and enjoy the best experience from your vape mods.

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