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The G Pen Elite was released in 2016, it was an incredible vape pen for the time, probably among the best herbal vape pens at the time. However, as time changes so does the top tier. At the time of its release, the G Pen Elite managed to bring us a compact vape pen with a chic design and a pretty great performance. Grenco’s new addition truly stands out among the crowd. The sleek groovy design is that brings us an above-average vapors.

G Pen Elite


The curved body shape of the vape pen gives it a unique stylish look. On the first impression, it may seem harder and uncomfortable to hold. But in fact, the vape pen is easy and much more comfortable to hold in your hands. The design doesn’t hinder the comfortability but it actually helps in making it more comfortable to use. According to the company, there was actual research done before designing this pen, they wanted to get their customers the perfect pen. The sleek modern design of the black colored pen has an artistic feel that makes it stand out from other models.

Grenco claims that their product is not made up of any plastic materials, it is ‘food grade’, regardless of whatever that means. They do give us a highly admirable vape pen. The oven chamber is made of ceramic and is a little shiny. The chamber is made of aluminum alloy and rubber. It has a strong structure, all the components are fixed properly. It doesn’t make any of the clanking sounds as you move it around. To summarize, the G Pen Elite has concocted a smart robust model that can withstand several falls and manage to work at the same quality.

Initially, the mouthpiece had some problems, it’d make vaping difficult because the air went directly through to the mouthpiece. There was nothing cooling it down, thus, making the vapors too hot to inhale or use. The new mouthpiece had a silicone cover and small stainless steel at the bottom. This new and improved top piece is now being shipped along with the G Pen Elite. The mouthpiece maintained the design on the exterior but was entirely redesigned from the inside to resolve the strenuous heating problem. Before, the oven was clearly visible through the opening of the mouthpiece. Now, you might notice they have reinvented the entire interior to decrease the lingering issue.

G Pen Elite

On the side of the pen, you might notice an LED display screen, for the temperature and current battery life. It was great addition, it provides a clear view and the ability to receive the information so conveniently is bonus. Considering the size of the pen, you’d think it might be heavy to hold or strain your hands while using it. Well, the vape pen doesn’t only have a nice feel when you hold it but the weight of the pen is just fine. It is neither too heavy nor is it too light, it feels just about the right weight.

G Pen Elite Display

The battery life of the pen can last about an hour and half, so you can relax and enjoy some sessions before deciding to put it away. Keeping in mind that the battery lasts up to 2 hours, it isn’t replaceable. If the battery gets degraded as it eventually would, when time passes by, you would have to purchase a new vape pen.  The vape pen does have a micro-USB slot at the bottom to conveniently recharge it anywhere you want at any time.

G Pen Elite USB

The oven of the Elite is massive, it is one of the most alluring aspects of this vape pen. The huge space gives you the chance to vape some herbs with a group of friends. The oven doesn’t necessarily require you to tightly pack it with all your herbs, a small amount of it placed can be enough to help you out thorough a solo session. The oven is easily visible after the removal of the mouthpiece, making it easily accessible for the user. For an extreme high, which wouldn’t be suggested to all those first-timers. You can simply push in all the herbs and tightly pack it use it whenever. Maybe using one quarter of it in the morning and the others later during the day.

G Pen Elite Oven


The draw from the pen is quite smooth, it has that nice taste and gives out a good hefty amount of the vapors. Even though the vaporizer has a mouthpiece in between, it doesn’t hold anything back or affect the draw, in fact it just places at just the right amount. The least resistive draw has proven this to be a good vaporizer, better than at least most that are available in the market currently. A 5 second draw can give you a decent thick vapor, which can’t be said for the majority. Usually a 10 second draw results in a good cloud which still might not reach up to the standards.

The mouthpiece feels great on the lips. The mouthpiece was designed in a unique curved way to carry the pens overall design. Initially, the vapors went directly through the oven to the mouthpiece which did provide it an extra thick vapors but it was at the same time, it was a little hot. In my opinion, the direct pass through didn’t give it enough time to cool down. It should be boasted but the manufacturers of the company had been working to resolve this issue.

The vape pen heats up pretty quick, it take sup as little as 30 second to be ready for use. There are two buttons placed on the side of the pen to adjust the temperature to your preference. The lower temperatures give you the pure flavor of those exquisite herbs and the high temperatures you can get large thick clouds. Most times, adjusting the temperatures slightly, as little as 15 degrees do not provide any significant difference in the vapors. The G Pen Elite on the other hand makes you feel the difference on even the slightest adjustment.

A Grenco pen is built with a strong construct, they have a long durability. Some of my friends are still using their Grenco pens for the past 3 years. The quality doesn’t shudder and it maintains its’ strong built. All Grenco pens have a long life time, they can last for years. Their exterior and interior remain unaffected from even a user who uses it harshly. G Pen Elite can take some this and still manage to survive after a few year as, it also comes with a year long warranty which is pretty standard.

The Grenco pen is easily concealable given that it doesn’t have any significant LED lights that might attract attention. The design however, as great as it seems, may prove to be difficult to pull off as a simple pen. They are easy to transport because of their compactness. The discreteness of the pen may not be hindered by the design at the end. It can be hidden with ease. Though using it public may not be the most ideal thing to do.

To power up the G Pen Elite you have to press the power button for 5 seconds till it opens up, all the necessary information is easily available after it is on. The heating process doesn’t automatically start by itself after opening. You need to hold the power button for 5 seconds in order to start it. This might seem a little tedious as it becomes annoying when you have to hold it for 5 second each time during a group session.

Maintaining the G Pen Elite is comparatively much easier, there is a bare minimum hassle in cleaning all the various parts of the pen. The G pen elite has only two arts which are clearly visible making it easier to clean each of them. The user should clean the mouthpiece and oven chamber after every session

G Pen Elite FrontG Pen Elite Kit


The G Pen Elite does bring us a bunch of exciting features with its modernistic design. It is a drastic improvement and can be comparable to the Pax. This can be the cheaper alternative if you compare them but the Pax is only a mere $30 more at this point.

  • Remarkable design
  • Spacious oven chamber
  • Low- maintenance
  • Fast heating process
  • LED information display

  • Irreplaceable battery
  • Lacks that memorable experience

G pen elite revolutionizes its collective predecessors by this intriguing design. The uniqueness of this aspect makes it more desirable. It is definitely going to provide you with the diversity in your vape pen collection. The ceramic touch to the oven chamber provides a good set of vapors and feel to the entire vape pen. They tend to heat up much more quickly than expected, plus you get this delightful taste on the first couple draws. You can load as little as 0.1g and as large as 0.7gs in the oven chamber and still manage to vape at the same level of quality. The swift rise in temperature is a good touch, it is something worth applauding. It can take merely 30 seconds to heat up to 400 degrees, you can begin vaping instantly. The other side benefit of this feature is that it also cools down just as fast, to sustain the herbs for a session at another time.

The small size of the vape pen makes it easier to carry out around, in your pocket or bag. The design makes it difficult to perceive it as a normal pen, which is pretty common in vape pens. So even though its looks doesn’t help in discretion, the pen makes up for it in its miniscule size.

Cleaning the mouthpiece and oven isn’t that big of a deal. They are easy to clean because of their accessibility. Maintaining a vape pen is usually hectic, with a G Pen Elite, things are simpler.

The LED display is a great improvement, it is very useful. The information is clear, the light is not bright enough to strain the eyes nor is it so dim that it can be hard to see.

It was disheartening to realize that the durability of the pen can be compromised by its irreplaceable battery option. The inability to swap out batteries would limit the lifetime. The battery will eventually reach a point, we can’t use it without a USB cable attached. To summarize, the strong structure of the pen is compromised by this one aspect.

G pen elite provides us with an above average experience with its adequate performance. It lacks that lasting effect which drags you back to try it again and again.

To conclude, the vape pen has brought us a new pen that is worthy of praise and a step in the right direction. The features offered for the price it’s currently available for is a steal. The vape pen is a good investment, it is a very reliable vape pen. The newbies will have a joyous experience.

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