The Mighty Vaporizer Review

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The Mighty vaporizer is a product from Storz and Bickel in Germany and is the big brother to the Crafty vaporizer. Storz and Bickel are also the producers of the Plenty and Volcano which are both use at home desktop types of vaporizers. If you are familiar with the Crafty then you will also be familiar with the Mighty since both of them came out at the same time, intended for different segments of the market. Basically the Mighty vaporizer draws the power of the Volcano and tries to add the portability of the Crafty together to create a sort of a hybrid that is more functional for some types of users and debatable for others.

Mighty Vaporizer


The first thing you will notice about the Mighty vaporizer is the fact that it’s bulky and there is no way you can fit it in your hand like other portable vaporizers. The Mighty is advertised and sold as a portable vaporizer and not a desktop unit which is why when you take your first look at it, the image of a device that fits in your palm and snuggles in your pocket is blasted away and you wonder whether the name Mighty refers to the power or the size of the vaporizer.

It does look sturdy however but for those of you who are more inclined towards using a device for your herbs that is discreet and can be fitted anywhere from your hand to your pocket or in your jacket, the Mighty will make you shy away from it. Think of it as a large battery pack and then maybe you won’t mind having this loud and proud vaporizer on you in public and being noticed.

It sometimes seems a shame to have this vaporizer in such a large size because otherwise, it would have been near perfect, considering its battery, build and vapor quality. To give you an idea, the weight of the Mighty is close to 230 grams while its sister vaporizer, the Crafty weighs in around 135 grams while the Pax 2 and Pax 3 are both between 90 and 100 grams. One thing that the size uses to it’s advantage is that unlike most other vaporizers, the Mighty remains cool to touch after it has been used for a session. Maybe Storz and Bickel did not want to waste time in trying to reduce the size and work on cooling the device and decided to go old school on this one with a sure and tried concept.

Mighty Vaporizer

This brings us to the more important aspects of the Mighty, or rather, the answers to the questions that ask for the validation of the Mighty’s size. This product from Storz and Bickel has a power grid under the hood consisting of two rechargeable batteries, both of them lithium ions. We know that this combination gives the Mighty an edge over other vaporizers in the market but by how much? Well, it all depends on how high you set the temperature when you are vaping but in relation to the Crafty, this vaporizer has double the battery life (no surprise there).

You can get an average of 90 minutes of herb vaping pleasure compared to the 45 minutes that you could get on the Crafty. If you compare it to other portable vaporizers, even though it sometimes seems wrong to do so due to the Mighty’s size, I found it to have the best average battery life among all other units. There is simply no comparison with this beast among portable vaporizers at all. However, there were a few other things that I noticed and grew to like about the Mighty because it seemed that all of these were covering up for the size of the vaporizer. The first one was the fact that this vaporizer finally has pass through charging.

I know the concept of portable vaporizers stemmed from the fact that you charge your device and then use it on the go and not sit down and use it while it is being charged because you should just have a desktop unit for that but come on, who doesn’t use their phones while charging them at the same time? The Mighty finally took care of this issue, and in a most elegant manner as well. You can plug in the device when it is dead and start using it at once without even waiting for its batteries to fire up a little. It does, however, take the Might, two hours to charge it from dead to full but that is understandable since there are two batteries inside it.

In light of this, Storz and Bickel also ship the Mighty with a 6ft long power cord to make sure that you do use it when it is being charged. The last thing that delighted me was the attention the manufacturers had paid to designing the battery housing on this thing. The batteries are housed separately from the devices heating oven which in theory will extend the battery life since the batteries are not being affected by the heat from the heating chamber.

Mighty Vaporizer

Let’s look at the design and build quality of this unit since I know it’s very important for a lot of users, including me, especially if we are spending a lot of big bucks on it. For starters, the device does look like some sort of military-grade device that has potent weapons packed inside it with some sort of insulation material covering it and is also designed to be shockproof. Unlike Pax 2 or Pax 3, the Mighty is not constructed out of aluminum but instead, a lot of plastic has been used on the device.

Now I know that the sound of plastic may be off for a lot of you users but the plastic that has been used is high grade and durable. The whole device is covered with grooves and fins that look they have been fine cut by a machine so when you take the device in your hand the idea of cheap plastic goes away that very instant. The fins also help in keeping the temperature of the device low since the surface area has been increased. The general outlook of the device is way different than many other vaporizers, it wasn’t designed to be beautiful or aesthetically appealing but instead, it gives off a rugged and tough vibe with its only choice of color, black. The only focus has been on performance and durability which we will find out in the next section of this review.

Usability Mighty Vaporizer:

Without much further ado, let’s look at where the Mighty stands in terms of performance and usability.Using this beast of a device is fairly simple or maybe it seems fairly simple considering the formidable vibes it gives off when just sitting there on your desk or table. There are a total of three buttons on the whole device and a LED display. The power button is orange and sits on the side of the device while the other two buttons are for increasing and decreasing the temperature and they are placed on either side of the LED display.

I really liked the display since it provides the user with all the relevant information and is very clear even in sunlight. You will not have to squint to find out the temperature that you are setting, the temperature that the device’s heating chamber has reached so far, and the battery level. The battery icon on the display does not indicate a percentage but instead shows a total of six bars inside the icon to denote the battery levels left.

Honestly, I don’t think there is any need of a percentage display either because the Mighty got me through eight sessions easily every time and on the extremist of sessions, the battery is going to drop by one bar every session. The buttons were nice and firm to without any sort of extra play in them. I also liked about the Mighty in comparison with the Crafty because even though controlling the temperature through an app is more technologically advanced, nothing beats having on-board buttons to do the purpose. Either has both options but if you decide to go with only one option then it should be to have the buttons on the device itself.

Okay, so let’s delve in to the specifics now. The Mighty is capable of producing one of the best qualities of vapor I have seen coming from a device so far. The heating system on the Mighty is sort of a hybrid too but it does not mean that the Mighty reduces the heating time taken which is around one and a half minute. Instead what the conduction and convection heating method does is allow the Mighty to bring up vapor that is full of taste and quite dense at the same time with consistency.

Consistency is the key here even though I know we are all fans of thick dense vapor too. You will not need to stir the herbs around in the heating oven because the Mighty takes care of that problem too. The device does not produce any sort of afterburn taste nor does it dilute the flavor. Every time you use it for a session, you will notice the temperature of the device will not drop for a long time, even if you are using it outside in the cold. I think this is also because of the design that Storz and Bickel have used.

As I used the Mighty, I was hesitant with the plastic mouthpiece in the beginning but to my surprise it did not heat up at all, even with extended use, nor did it bring in any sort of mingling with the flavor. Secondly, the draws and inhales were extremely easy due to the airflow on the device. They did not compromise on the quality of vapor so I did not have to constantly be aware of how long I took a draw for or added strength to it. It was effortless and without any hassle, much like all other functions of the device.

Mighty Vaporizer

In terms of holding size, the Mighty has a capacity of holding between 0.25 grams to 0.3 grams, depending on how finely you grind your product. To make things easier, there is a filling aid shipped with the device so all you have to do is load the herb, attach the filling aid and then drop the herb. After that just reattach the unit back to the device and you are good to go.

Summary and Verdict:


  • Battery life is above par than other portable vaporizers
  • The device has a tough built even though it’s mostly plastic
  • Good vapor quality
  • Fairly easy to use, especially the onboard buttons and display


  • Size is not very useful for carrying around conveniently
  • Design may look ugly to some
  • No dedicated app like some competing portable vaporizers

It is clear what the Mighty is built for, it focuses on performance and user experience more than design and portability so if you consider it in that regard, I would say the device is remarkable and lives up to the company’s standard and in fact, even raises the bar for other devices. However, the only issue I have is that other devices have raised the bar in terms of portability if we want to forget about design appeal for a moment. That is the only area that the Mighty lacks in since I think the design is not flawed, but in fact adds to the functionality of the device more than other vaporizer.  Grab this vaporizer for a great deal at this authorized online vape store or click on the picture below.

Mighty Vaporizer

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