Vriptech Heat Wand 3.0 Pro Review

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The handheld Vriptech Heat Wand Vaporizer, or VHW 3.0, is becoming a popular vaporizer among users for several reasons. The portability and innovative design of the VHW 3.0 are pretty impressive. If you want to learn more about this product just read on and see how it stacks up to the competition.

Vriptech Heat Wand Review

Lightweight Heat Wand Vriptech

The first time you hold it, you will notice how ergonomic and lightweight it is. Nobody wants to use a handheld vaporizer only to feel like they’re lugging around a caveman’s club. The manufacturer, VripTech, is popular for the innovation of several products in the market today. The VripTech VHW 3.0 Heat Wand Vaporizer is one of them.

Other heat gun vaporizer products or heat wand vaporizers, will pale in comparison because of the patented 2 piece design of the VHW 3.0. There are several knockoffs of this kind of handheld vaporizer, but be cautious about them because you get what you pay for… if you find something at a price too cheap it’s probably too good to be true. You’ll simply end up with a low-quality product that wasn’t worth the money.

Dude Using Vriptech

Additional Abilities for Concentrated Vapors

The VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 has an added function you can enjoy by combining its superb qualities with the VripTech Perk or Pro-model water tool. This added functionality allows you to produce super concentrated and aromatic vapors at a consistent pace. Such function is absent in other competing products. Many users who have tried this product found it to be very convenient to use.

This handheld vaporizer has an optional heavy-duty glass stand to keep it upright and help hasten the cooling and heating as well. This is very helpful especially when you want your handheld vaporizer ready at all times. Unlike other heat gun vaporizer products, the VripTech Heat Wand leads in a class of its own.

In addition to its default features, the VHW 3.0 handheld vaporizer has an optional Pelican case which is essential when you plan to bring this important tool with you on the go. The form-fitting construction of the Pelican case makes it a perfect partner for your handheld vaporizer.

VHW 3.0

Vriptech Heat Wand Features

After seeing and witnessing what this neat tool can do for you, the all-important question boils down to this: Is it worth the purchase price? Most handheld vaporizer products and heat gun vaporizer variants are amazing to look at but lack functionality. Not true here… the VripTech Heat Wand packs an abundance of features.

What good is a handheld vaporizer that doesn’t deliver what it is supposed to do? Extracting quality vapors is the one thing this tool is great at. Some skeptics might say that this handheld vaporizer is prone to be broken easily as it is made with glass construction. However, if you look at the vapor quality that it spews out you will be amazed how great this product really is.

Heat Wand VHW 3 Kit

Vriptech VHW 3.0 Summary and Caution

Whenever you use this handheld vaporizer make sure that you do not wave it around too much, forgetting that it might hit a wall or something. Caution is standard when handling glass objects. But rest assured, if you have qualms as to its durability, fear not as the VripTech Heat Wand undergoes rigorous testing before it is offered to the public. Get one for you or one for your friend as a gift and their happiness will clearly speak for the quality of the VHW 3.0.

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