Dab Rigs Vs. Vape Pen

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Into Dab Rigs and want a killer Vape Pen?

Who doesn’t?

So many options now it can be hard to decide what to try next! What works good and is worth the hard earned money you spend? We are going to go over all the important questions one might have while shopping for a new Vape Pen or looking at all the cool Dab Rigs. If I miss anything leave me a comment at the end of the post.

How Do Dab Rigs Work?

Great video explaining how to use a Dab Rig.

A dab rig works pretty much the same way that a bong or water pipe works. The smoke or vapor is filtered through the water to cool and filter tar from your medicine. Instead of a bowl that you would normally pack your dry herb into there is either a glass/quartz or brass/titanium nail.

This replacement of the bowl is what you will need to heat with a torch until hot enough to vaporize the wax or oils directly onto. There is a hole that the vapor will travel through the rig and water up to the mouthpiece where you will be inhaling from. A lot of stoners call these a quartz banger or titanium nail, see pictures below.

Quartz Banger
Quartz Banger


Titanium Nail
Titanium Nail


Dab Rig
Basic Dab Rig

You can buy some really amazing Dab Rigs here at GrassCity.com

Vape Pens work much differently. You won’t need a torch to heat anything. These are powered by electricity and maybe plugin style or use batteries. Most vape pens have a chamber you open up to add your wax or oils to what is called the coil.

The coil is basically a thin wire that is wrapped around metal or glass inside the pen. This wire heats up fast to vaporize your product as you inhale from the mouthpiece. Here is what a typical vape pen looks like below.

Gravity Vaporizer

Vape Pen

With most Vape Pens and Dab Rigs, you will only be able to load one hit at a time. Some vape pens you can add more than one hits worth of content but if you add too much more than 3-4 hits worth it will start to have a burnt flavor from overheating the oils too many times. It’s usually best tasting with no more than a couple hits at a time pre-loaded.

What Works Better? Dab Rig or Vape Pen?

Really one is maybe only better if you are concerned with your health and the amount of tar you are consuming. A lot of people think vaporizing your wax and oils might be a cleaner option. When using a Dab Rig if it gets too hot it will be combusting rather than vaporizing. This can be tough to control until you get good at adjusting the Rig to the right temperature.

You can also over-heat and be combusting your product with some vape pens as well. For Dab Rigs and Vape Pens, you will need to make sure your temperature settings are low enough not to be combusting. Most of the quality vape pens now have good temperature settings that help prevent you from getting it too hot. Here are some recommended vaporizer temperature settings that work with wax, oils, and dry herbs pictured below.

Best Vaporizer Temperatures

Filtering through the vast internet for what Vape Pen is the best brought me to a few great Vape Pens I will list below.  It is my pleasure to review vaporizers here that will work great with any Wax, Oil, or Concentrates that melt while heating. Not for Dry Herbs!

Dr. Dabber – visit their website

Dr. Dabber Brand

Dr. Dabber has been for quite some time a leader in the vape pen industry. Here is a brief overview of all their Vape Pen products in order from Oldest to Newest…

  1. Dr. Dabber Light
  2. Dr. Dabber Ghost
  3. Dr. Dabber Aurora
  4. Dr. Dabber Boost
  5. Dr. Dabber Switch

All 5 Dr. Dabber Reviews Here

KandyPens – visit their website

KandyPens Vape Pens

Here are the KandyPens Reviews:

  1. Gravity
  2. Prism Plus
  3. Miva

Snoop Dogg G Pen and Micro G

Snoop Dogg Vaporizer

This brand is not nearly the quality of both the Dr. Dabber and the KandyPens but it functions ok. If you are on a tight budget this might be the best choice for you. Here you can buy the G Pen and Micro G.

Check out our detailed review of both of these Snoop Dogg Vaporizers here.

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