How Is High Temp Dabbing Different from Low Temp Dabbing?

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Dabbing experience

Dabbing is usually not the favorite of newcomers to the cannabis world. However, once you become an experienced user, you realize that dabs are a far better option than dry flowers.

If you are looking for a unique and powerful hit and a way to experience most of the flavor you are using, dabs are the way to do that. Whether you are a recreational user looking to make the most out of every cannabis experience, or you are looking for pain relief and other medicinal purposes, dabs can deliver.

However, it is important to adjust everything to your preference, and that can be tricky if you haven’t used a dab before. You will need to acquire suitable equipment, but also understand how dabbing works.

One of the crucial adjustments is to get the temperature right for your experience. That can affect the smoke intensity, and even quality, which is why you should learn how to make a difference between low-temp and high-temp dabbing. Here is more information about both approaches, and how you can make the most of them.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

If we are talking about low temperatures, that means keeping them at around 350-400F for CBD extracts, and around 250-320F for cannabis products.

Your concentrate contains natural terpenes, and temperatures higher than the specified could burn them, which is something you should avoid. These compounds are the ones that ensure your dab has a unique aroma. If you are a fan of different flavors and experiencing them to the fullest, keeping the temperature within the recommended ranges is essential.

When it comes to equipment, you can’t go with ceramic nail material. Ceramic is convenient because it takes time to increase the temperature, and that allows you better heat control. Additionally, once you reach the desired heat, you can easily maintain the temperature at that range. Apart from ceramic, low-temp dabs also use quartz. One can also use surprisingly high quality CBD pens that support wax dabbing for the same purpose.

Using a low-temp dab is simple – use a butane torch and watch the nail getting heated. It will start glowing and get a reddish color. The dab enters the scene once you remove the heat source, and you can start enjoying yourself.

Why You Should Try Low-Temp Dabbing

If you are looking for the ultimate flavor from your dab, low-temp dabbing is the way to go. As long as you keep the heat under the acceptable levels, the terpenes will deliver that aroma you wanted.

While you will feel that unique flavor, please note that it won’t be overwhelming. If anything, the users describe it as getting a smooth hit, with the difference that the flavor remains longer than usual.

That makes low-temp dabbing great for those looking for a flavor that lasts, and not an intense and strong hit at once. It is also the reason why beginners are often recommended to start with this technique.

Low-temp dabbing is very safe because high temperatures are required to release naphthalene, benzene, and other harmful compounds. That way, you minimize stress for your throat. Additionally, the temperature doesn’t get too hot, which is good if your throat and mouth are sensitive.

Why You Should Avoid Low-Temp Dabbing

As we mentioned, low temperatures are for those who want a smooth hit that lasts. The problem is that advanced users who want more consider this too bland, and it doesn’t fit their preference.

The cleaning process lasts a bit longer than in high-temp dabbing because the concentrates won’t totally evaporate due to slow heating. That also requires you to be patient because you will need several minutes for the dab to reach the desired temperature so that you can inhale it. Finally, you will need suitable equipment, such as a heat-retaining nail.

High-Temperature Dabbing

High Temperature Dabbing

If we are talking about high-temp dabbing, we could talk about very high temperatures (750-800F), and extremely high (1000F or more). Now, compare that to low-dabbing temperatures, and you realize it is more than twice as much heat. If you are looking for intensity, you will find it at those heat levels.

The recommended nail for this type of dabbing is made of titanium. The idea is in finding a material that reaches high temperatures quickly, but also cools down rapidly when needed. Titanium fits that description, which is why most users pick it.

It shouldn’t take more than seconds for the nail to get hot as long as you have a torch with a high heat potential. The rest of the process is the same – take the source of the heat away and replace it with the dab.

Why You Should Consider High-Temp Dabbing

Some people love experiencing intense and strong hits. That rush you receive every time you inhale is attractive to many users. You will even feel the aftertaste that will be charred or smoky. It is also important to mention that the strong hit and equipment suitable for high heat ensure that you can experience the desired effects in seconds

The cleaning process is almost non-existent because the high heat will burn off all the wax and make it evaporate. If you care about precious seconds, you spend cleaning your dabbing equipment, and this allows you to save them for spending on something else.

You can even save some money on the equipment because you won’t need a carb cap for high-temp dabbing. There is no point in using it because it takes seconds to evaporate all the concentrate.

Why You Should Avoid High-Temp Dabbing

Extreme temperatures burn everything in sight, which means terpenes, but also CBD or THC. The smoke created at temperatures over 700F releases naphthalene, benzene, and other toxic chemicals. If you stick to high heat, dabbing won’t be much better than smoking for your overall health. On the other hand, you might not have a problem with that.

You will also need a bit of exercise to avoid scorching your equipment. No control mechanism exists in blazer torches, which means you need to be meticulous, or you might end up with damaged gear.

How to Choose Between Low and High-Temp Dabbing

We hate to be the guys telling you this, but the choice is up to you. Ultimately, it is all about personal preference. If you are satisfied with a smooth and long-lasting hit from low-temp dabbing, go with that choice. But if you find that too bland, you might want high temperatures for a stronger hit.

Our best advice is to try both and see which method seems more fitting for your expectations. Alternatively, if you get bored by dabbing then you can also go for high-quality Canada weed and reap similar benefits.

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