Dr. Dabber Vaporizers For Dabbing

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There aren’t many companies out there that can match the quality and performance for wax vaporizers like the Dr. Dabber Vaporizers they sell. They have portable wax vaporizers, vaporizers with magnetic threading, small wax vaporizers, and e-nail vaporizers. This is the perfect company to buy a dabbing product from when you need to dab your waxes or hash oils.

Dr. Dabber is famous for the best titanium technology with surrounding ceramic glass to keep the taste pure. They also strategically focus on low-temperature settings giving you quality vapor flavor and the purest and potent vaping experiences. There are pen vaporizers for oils and waxes and E-nail vaporizers to dab from that are vaporizing without using a flame.

Dr. Dabber Aura Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Aura is the first and only wax pen vaporizer that features the new Snap-Tech technology eliminating the twisting and turning of threading with its magnetic threading. All you have to do is place the atomizer and battery near each other and it will snap securely in place. I love this feature!

This is the ultimate wax vaporizer you need to buy with the small dimensions to be able to use for at only being 5 inches long. It is the perfect length to easily fit inside your pocket without any problems. Dr. Dabber Aura has 3 different temperature settings and a low-level battery indicator light. This pen vaporizer has an adjustable variable voltage to be able to set the strength of your dabbing session.

It comes with 3 unique atomizers:

  1. Is the Dual Quartz With Quartz Dish
  2. Dual Ceramic Rod With Quartz Dish
  3. Ceramic Halo Heater

Out of all the wax vaporizers Dr. Dabber has, this is the one to buy as it is one of the newest innovative inventions.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen is the original invention of wax dabbing vaporizers. This is the portable vaporizer that put this company on the map for being the leading inventor in the Titanium grade 2 technology. The ceramic atomizer surrounding the Titanium is no longer than 6″ inches and is .6″ around in diameter. It is a small and portable wax dabbing vape pen, with the sleek design, as it easily fits right into your pocket with comfort.

This vaporizer kit comes with the Dr. Dabber Ghost glass globe attachment which has a titanium coil with small silica wicks inside of it. The Glass globe attachment is made for using wax shatter as it will heat your shatter and turn it into your concentrates to store inside a large tank. It preserves the taste to where you taste nothing but a pure and potent layer of vaporization when you dab with the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer.

Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Boost is one of the greatest things this company has made. This is a portable E-nail made for dabbing your waxes or oil concentrate. It is one of the only E-nails made today to be able to use without using a flame. The lithium battery is capable and strong enough to produce a temperature of over 700 degrees Fahrenheit without worrying about burning your waxes.

The titanium e-nail is strong and durable. It is surrounded with ceramic glass so you always have a way to successfully use a vaporizer without worrying about if it will have any performance problems. Dr. Dabber Boost is built to last a long time and it comes with a water bubbler attachment. It helps to be able to cool down the vaporization heat and increase the flavor and filter out unwanted extra carcinogens.

For a low price, the Dr. Dabber Boost can be yours, it is well worth the $200 investment to have such good quality. Read up here on all 5 Dr. Dabber Reviews to see which one is the best for you. One of the other only brands I would recommend that are almost as good would be the Kandypens Gravity, well worth looking at as well.

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