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The best portable vaporizer market is growing quickly. As concerns over health problems such as lung cancer risk, many are dropping the smoking habit, and those that once smoked them are missing the benefits from the herbs they once enjoyed. This is one reason you should check out our vaporizer reviews.

Vaporizing technology is providing people with the opportunity to get the best of both worlds! Yes, in the modern world you can consume your herbs with much more peace of mind, but in such a quickly growing market, you need vape reviews!

Here I will take you through the best portable vaporizers currently on the market in 2018, and why you would choose each.

Our Top 4 Portable Vaporizer Reviews 2018

Boundless CFX Review

Straight from the labs over at Boundless, the CFX is here, and it packs a punch! This vaporizer is both unique and high quality at a low price point. In this article, we’ll be going over just what makes this vaporizer one of a kind.


The Boundless CFX is coated in a soft rubber material with grooves for extra grip. It feels nice in your hand, making long sessions a comfortable experience.

It’s important to note that it is a bit bulky. This is a small gripe, however, and not a downside to many people. But if you’re looking for something small and discrete, this might not be the vape for you.

The mouthpiece is extremely convenient. There’s no storage for this piece. Instead, it is attached by a swiveling mechanism that allows you to turn it one way when you’re ready to use it, and the other when you’re finished with your session.

Additionally, loading the herb chamber is simpler than ever with the CFX. Just below the mouthpiece is a piece of plastic that rotates 90 degrees and easily locks in place. Remove this, and beneath it, you’ll find your herb chamber.

Now let’s talk about the stand out feature of the CFX: the crisp OLED display on the face of the unit.

If you aren’t too tech savvy, you may not be familiar with the advantages of OLED displays.  But trust me, they are great to have for the following reasons:

  • OLED displays are made from hydrogen and carbon fibers, meaning they’re extremely durable.
  • They contain no harmful materials, so this is green technology.
  • They’re lighter and thinner than other displays, reducing the weight and size of your unit.
  • They’re one of the most conservative displays in terms of energy, so the inclusion of the screen won’t drain your battery as other types may.
  • Image quality is far greater than that of an LCD.
  • Despite all of these advantages, it is actually one of the cheaper displays to build, leading to higher quality at a lower price point

Most importantly, his OLED screen will display your current oven temperature, battery status, and session timer in a gauge-style format, similar to speedometers found in most automobiles. So to summarize, the OLED display is pretty sweet.


The Boundless CFX features single degree temperature settings so you can customize the exact experience and temperature you want. It boasts a heat up time of only ten seconds, and when the unit has reached the desired temperature, it vibrates to let you know it’s ready.

I’ve found this feature to be very convenient, and it ensures that no vapor goes to waste.

The vapor quality itself is very good, but nothing to go crazy about. If you’re used to a glass air path and want that pure herb taste, this might not do it for you. I’d say it competes with the Pax 2 and Flowermate quite easily for taste, it just isn’t for those looking for the vaping experience that glass air paths provide.


This is a comfortable, sturdy unit. A bit bulky, but stylish nonetheless. The build and mechanics are clever, and that display is a huge selling point for me. The vapor is good, and with such a low price tag, you’re getting good bang for your buck.

This vape is worthy of praise. This is a perfect vape for beginners, or seasoned vets looking for a good deal on a portable vape. It’s highly customizable, cleverly designed, and durable.

Pros: Price, Performance

Cons: A bit large for a portable

The Boundless CFX is the total package, especially considering the package costs a lot less than all the other packages.

Outperforming many vaporizers in its price range, and performing on par with higher tier vaporizers, it is sure to be a hit among the vapor enthusiasts.

The heat up time is extremely fast, it has exact temperature control, and the unit itself is very sleek. This hybrid convection and conduction unit is already getting fantastic reviews from the public, and we’re predicting that there will be many more.

This unit is exemplified by both its fantastic performance and a great design, however, it is on the large side when it comes to portable vaporizers.

Boundless CFX

Our Second Top Vape The Pax 3

Pax 3 Review

Pros: Discreet Design, Performance, Battery Life, Build

Cons: Fairly expensive

The PAX 3 is a tried and true classic among vapor enthusiasts and is one of the stealthiest vapes on the market. Not only is it stealthy, but the battery life, build quality, and heat up time are all fantastic.

Often when a company attempts to bring a stealth vaporizer to the public, it suffers in other areas (usually battery life, as the body, doesn’t have enough room for a decent battery), but the engineers over at Ploom got this unit right in every way.

A lot of these units appeal lies in style. People have preferences, but all in all, this is just an extremely classy looking unit. Many reviewers have said “If Apple were to make a vaporizer, this is what it would look like,” and I fully agree. This unit is sexy and slick.

Despite being a highly respectable unit in all areas, its stealth factor remains its dominant feature. If your first priority is stealth, there’s no question. This is your vaporizer.

Third Best Vaporizer Pick Is Haze V3

Haze V3

Pros: Tri-Functionality, Performance

The Haze V3 vaporizers most notable feature is definitely its tri-functionality, something very few vapes share. Not only can you use standard dried herbs, but also oils and waxes. This is great for the vaper who loves to mix it up.

The Haze also boasts a temperature regulator, which keeps the unit performing well through different environmental changes. If you’re in the humid Florida summer or on a hike in Denver, the Haze can keep up. Perfect for the outdoor vaper.

The price of the Haze V3 is between that of the Boundless CFX and PAX 3, so this is a good unit if your budget is somewhere in between.

Last But Not Least The Mighty

Mighty Vaporizer

Pros: Incredible Performance, Efficiency, Vapor Taste

Cons: Price, Large Design

This unit is properly named. If you want the epitome of performance, The Mighty may just be the only way to go.

It sacrifices stealth, but stealth isn’t what you buy this unit for. You buy this unit to get the thickest, highest quality clouds you’ve ever experienced.

It’s not a sleek vaporizer you slip into your pocket. Rather, it’s a unit that you can carry and display proudly. It’s just an absolute beast of a vaporizer, and vapor fans seem to be extremely fond of what it’s all about.

If performance is your number one priority, there’s just no other unit like this one. Definitely one of the best portable vaporizers, check out The Mighty.

8 Responses

  1. Mercedus

    Thank you for such an expansive breakdown of the various vaporizers on the market. Especially when it comes to the Haze 3. I never thought that a vape would be able to take oils and waxes. Before reading this I was convinced that they were all pretty much the same except in style. This is totally a new field for me and I will certainly share with my friends.

    Thanks for a very insightful article

  2. stefan

    Thanks for this valuable information.

    I’ still in the process of learning about the new systems of smoking, I haven’t decided to quit burning some real tobacco so far but these vaporizers do look interesting as well.

    The price is a bit of a problem right in the beginning and or making a decision, especially here where I buy tobacco for a few cents a pack 🙂

    • Ivan

      Thanks for the comment but I think you might be looking for the e-cigarette type of vaporizer like the Mig Cig. You can check them out and they have a great line of quality e-cigs. Their banner is on the right sidebar at the bottom.

  3. Salim

    Hello Ivan,

    Thanks for your honest review on these vaporizers, even though I don’t use a vaporizer, I have friends who do and I won’t hesitate to tell them about these. Especially about the Haze V3 vaporizers, I’m quite amazed at its tri-functionality, something very few vapes have or possess and the fact that not only can you use standard dried herbs, but also oils and waxes. But the pricing might be a issue for them when purchasing, hence the features worth the pricing.Thanks

  4. Vicki

    I needed to read this blog today

    I am seriously thinking about stopping cigarettes and have been looking online and finally found this great review of some vape machines.

    I smoke quite heavily and my fear is once I stop and start using a vape machine, I will start smoking due to the lack of chemicals I have been inhaling for so long. Will I need to use patches as well?

    I would really value your thoughts on this please and also for a beginner, what would you recommend I use?

  5. Gomer

    The usual problem with the common vaporizer is heating up. Except for Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer, I am not sure if the manufacturer of other brands like Boundless CFX has taken that problem in consideration, and I can only prove the probem has gone away only after I try them. But since I am already contented with Haze Vaporizer, I will stay with this brand and the next one that I’m gonna try is the newer dual version. Like its predecessor, I am confident its 4 usable dry blend heat setting won’t fail.

  6. mdparvez67

    Hi, I have read the article carefully after you. I am glad to read your article because The best portable vaporize was found. Here I will take the best portable vaporizers currently on the market in 2018, and why you will choose each I learned about 6 important things from your article. The Boundless CFX features single degree temperature settings so you can customize the exact experience and temperature. This unit is exemplified by both its fantastic performance and a great design, however, it is on the big side when it comes to portable vaporizers. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article.

  7. Nida

    Although I am not a vape user nor a cigarette smoker, it is good to know what’s out there. The amount of information you shared in your post is very detailed. Quite amazing how cigarette smoking can totally be eliminated as there are quite a bit of option out in the market now. 

    Pardon my naiveness with e-cigarette and vaping. What are their differences and which one is more effective as far as encouraging a smoker to quit? 

    Thank you in advance for your response.


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