Here are the top 3 Online CBD Company’s with the best reputations so far. CBD reviews are important to consider for your health. Make sure you aren’t buying something under no regulations for quality and your safety.

We will soon be reviewing many more CBD companies and products to get you all the best information and the highest quality CBD you can find. Be sure to bookmark this page to come back for the updates coming soon. We are currently using and evaluating some majorly good quality CBD products we can’t wait to share with everyone.

CBD Reviews

Top 3 CBD Reviews

The 3 websites below so far are the top legitimate and safe online CBD retailers from our research. We will be reviewing them before we get to any other of the now hundreds of companies that are coming into the market. We want to make sure everyone has quality, timely delivery, and a safe reliable place to shop for their CBDs.

  1. Cloud9Hemp.comRead the review here

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CBD vs THC vs Hemp

Understanding the difference between CBD, THC and Hemp oil can be confusing!
That’s why we broke it down so its easier to see the difference!


CBD oil is the abbreviation of the term cannabidiol oil. It comes from an extraction process of the Hemp plant, or the Marijuana plant. Extracting CBD does not provide the high of medical marijuana THC. CBD has no psychoactive properties, which makes it safe for consumption as a dietary supplement. Check out our top 3 CBD reviews to find a solid retailer.


The cannabinoid THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, and is extracted from a Marijuana plant that has high THC properties and very low if any CBD. THC is the psychoactive property in Marijuana and gives a high feeling. The Sativa variety is usually uplifting as with the Indica variety is more sleepy effects.


First and foremost, hemp oil comes from hemp seeds and has absolutely NO psychoactive properties. Hemp oil does contain traces of THC and CBD, however, the amount is so small it has no medical benefit. Although hemp oil has no medicinal properties, it does have some great nutritional benefits.

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Oil vaporizers

These are devices that work with liquid concentrates, for instance, butane hash oil, also known as BHO. These vaporizers sport either a clearomizer, a cartomizer, or a concentrate chamber that can be replaced. A cartomizer is a vape pen attachment that combines the heating coil (atomizer) and the cartridge into a single unit.

They contain a filler material that resembles the filler you might find in a normal atomizer cartridge. On the other hand, a clearomizer is a cartridge that doesn’t contain any filler material at all. They incorporate a metallic tube, which extends up the body’s middle. In some clearomizers, the heating coil is fixed to the tube’s top, whilst in others, it is placed at the bottom.

In either case, a wick of fiber extends from the coil and soaks in the liquid concentrate, carrying it to the coil. To fill up a clearomizer, the top tip has to be taken off and replaced before any inhalation can be done. Occasionally, you may come across certain best vapor pens that, although originally made for herbs, will allow for a replaceable concentrate chamber.

There are also oil vaporizers, which can double as effective wax vapes. Actually, the majority of vaporizer pens are made to be completely compatible with either form of weed concentrate. As mentioned before, certain vape pens are touted to work with herbs, as well as herb concentrate – doing this isn’t recommended though since it is far from ideal to ‘mix the streams’ as it is said.

If you are hell-bent on using just one device for all three forms, then be sure to use separate liquid and dry chambers.

CBD And THC Wax Vaporizers

Another type of best handheld vaporizer is wax vaporizers. These are made to work with solid concentrates e.g. ‘shatter’, ‘errl’ or ‘budder.’ Just like oil vaporizers, wax vaporizers run on a rechargeable battery which heats the clearomizer / cartomizer.

When the concentrate in the tank heats up, the concentrated CBDs and THC are released in the form of delicious vapor, ready for direct inhalation.

These are our top 3 Wax and Oil Vaporizer Brands:

They will work best for most oils, waxes, and concentrates. If you read our CBD reviews you will see there are also a variety of ways to consume the medicines. If you have tried CBDs before, leave us a comment on your experiences.