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Hot Box Vaporizer Review

Hot Box Vaporizer Review

Introducing the HOT BOX Vaporizer!

Here we will review a simple vaporizer. The HOT BOX is a unique vaporizer. It only has one switch to flick. This is the “ON” “OFF” button. This is great for some of us who don’t need a fancy, high tech vaporizer. Some of us do just want to sit and chill and don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles while we try to relax! It is great for those who are beginning to use vaporizers. Read More

Current News Regarding E Cigarettes

Last week in the Heath Day News, it was discussed as to whether or not E-cigarettes are harmful. This is all over the news these days. Let us see if we can provide you with helpful information for the issue at hand.

New research mentions that there are little particles that remain in the lungs after vaping that could potentially be harmful. Read More